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my mother was 42 when I was born. I don't think there were any complications.
Quote: Originally Posted by lolar2 There is a book called How to Be A Perfect Stranger which is about how to behave when visiting services of various religions, including weddings. I was just about to recommend this book too. My library has it and it is very helpful/interesting.
most thirft stores do have car seats, but since you don't know their hisotry you can't be sure they are safe. There are companies that rent them for travellers some are listed here: http://www.thenewparentsguide.com/ba...california.htm
I read it years ago and have been meaning to read it again, so count me in.
I'd say whenever they have a need for it. Right now they don't and are not interested in having their own.
Today is our regular gorcery shopping day and DH is doing that. Other than that we stay away from all shopping centers/malls all weekend.
try http://www.thislittlepiggystayshome.com/
There are three main schools of thought for history (that I know of) Chronilogical, Interest based, and "local centric" (for want of the right term) Many schools do this -- you start be teaching about your family and community history (then state, country, etc.) and sort of spread out to the rest of the world from there. I don't know that there is one "right" way. One thing that works no matter which method you use (or no method at all) is to keep a timeline (chart or...
You need to register as a private school. The dealine for registering pre-existing schools ended Oct. 15. But as your is a new "school" you can register at anytime. It is very easy. check out this link for info: http://californiahomeschool.net/howTo/psa.htm alternately you can join a PSP (private satelite program-- often called umbrella schools in other states) that supports unschooling -- more expensive but they handle the paper work. there are links to some...
I've only done the early years, so can't speak to level five, but the early LA had creative writing primarily. Science is very simple atthe early levels, but again I haven't gone past level two. You can ask questions on the sonlight choosing forum at sonlight.com. They also have very knowledgeable customer services reps who could help you pick the right levels if you give them a call (but I believe it's a toll call)
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