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That's how I always take mine. Wake up, take temp, snuggled under blankets till thermometer beeps. then either get up or go back to sleep. The important thing is to cosistantly take it the same way/time everyday.
my son went from using manipulatives to counting the way you mentioned on his own around age 71/2 or so. I don't think there is a need to push it. There's a developmental step they have to pass before they get that kind of thing and you can't force it and achieve true understanding.
At age five it is totally cool to just go with the flow. For my son at that age we used "five in a row" which meant that each day we read a book (once a day for five days) and then did one or two activities related to it. That was "school" Done in 30 minutes or less. The rest of the time was exploring the neighborhood, visint museums, zoos and parks. Going to the library and reading tons of other books (his choice) and playing, playing playing!!. Honestly it's not...
Quote: Originally Posted by the_lissa My freecycle prefers you wait a bit because often the ones who email first are people who sit around trying to get everything whether they need it or not. ours too. It says to wait a little while and choose whatever person you want. A couple times I've had people I know in real life respond -- so they got it. Othertimes I pick someone who is polite and I tend to avoid overly dramatic sob stories.
Peak with books looks good (I've never heard of it -- but I used Five in a row for K with my boys) I'd say the stories and concepts in Peak with Books are simpler -- closer to the things in "before five in a row." You could use it first, and then move on to Five in a Row later if you still like the approach.
we have simple white gold bands. We bought them new in 1992 and i think they were about $40 each. If I was doing it today I would look at antique shops or even pawn shops and get something used, so more gold doesn't have to be extracted.
We were able to almost always have either me or DH sit in back with our first (then older brother with our second) So someone could enteratin, hand the passifier back, whatever it took. I know that's not possilbe for everyone though. (DH was unemployed when our first was born so he was able to come us most of the time.)
you might want to take a look at "before five-in-a-row" It is literature based and has ideas for acitivties based on the books (good quality children's books) The back also has a section of developmentaly appropriate activities -- like making an obstacle course with pillows and boxes, and things like that. Sounds like it might be of interest. FYI, there is a bible-verse listed for each book -- but the books themselves are not religious and you don't have to use the...
Even if you spent a whole year being overwhelmed and doing nothing that looked like school -- your son would still be better off!! He is still learning lots -- just not things that would be covered in a classroom. What is your son doing with his time? Odds are that if you look closely you will see lots of learning going on. And if not? no big deal -- It does not take 13 years for a child to learn what academic subjects they need to move on as adults. At a recent...
I made a crib quilt out of DHs old boxers!! They were all coordinating colors (from just a few packages) that no longer fit him (so they weren't too worn out)
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