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Here in sunny San Diego (ok it did rain a few days ago) I just planted spinich, and myl ettuce that self-seeds every year is sprouting. I just trimmed the rose bush, and need to pull all the old tangerines from last year off so it will bloom again. I'm going to harvest the last of the basil to today and make up a lot of pesto. The bell pepper is still blooming, but the nights have been cold, so I don't know if more will set. If I find the time, I want to...
I don't have any suggestions for this time, but I just heard (maybe somewhere else on the boards) that you can protect brocolit from bugs by putting an old stocking over the growing plant. Maybe that will help for next year. The only time I tried to grow broccoli ot was decomated by snails.
My son does that too. I always respond by sayinng Mommy never lies to you. But He'll insist I'm wrong. It's could to hear other kids are doing it to. So I know it's normal, and I haven't created some king of monster. (And we don't want him to blindly follow authoriy when he's grown, so I guess we can't expect it know -- even if it would make life easier)
If you want to read a why to homeschool book from the perspective of a public school teacher who chose to homeschool his own children get "Family Matters: why homeschooling makes sense" by David Guterson. He later went on to write "Snow Falling on Cedars" and other award winning books, and is no longer teaching.
I try to buy as little plastic as possible. But, I did buy the cheap plastic table (used) and then we got my dh's childhood table (wooden) from his mom. It lovely and will last forever. It's now in the house and the plastic one is on the patio.
I don't know much about the planting seasons for your part of the world, but I'd suggest starting small. Maybe dig a 3x3 to 6x6 foot area to start, as you get more into the swing of things you'll be itching to expand.
New Posts  All Forums: