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We've been using CPC as an acronym for years!
I second the vanilla on Ravelry - just finished it last month and we LOVE it. It was a fun knit too.
Re: the jelly roll fold - do you do this on an active baby? It sounds like it would do the trick but she's eager to get free as soon as she can so I can barely get the diaper on her.
So I am sick of having a big poo mess on my diaper wraps. I use a diaper service so I'm not washing diapers so the poopy wraps are messing up my laundry schedule at home (I only want to do laundry in cold water twice a week, with poopy wraps I need to use hot and do it more often). So - we use prefolds folded in three with the back fanned open and as per the diaper service instructions just put in in a Bummis (Superbrite or Superwhisper) cover and put it on - no pins...
#1 water broke first, no contractions, was induced due to being GBS+ #2 water broke first (at an ultrasound!), followed by contractions and a wonderful homebirth
No other symptoms, no runny nose... perhaps more cranky/fussy. I know that "otherwise well and gaining" are the most important indicators that this is OK but I have to say that it is really, really disconcerting.
No, no solids yet and I'm certain no one has given her anything. Supposing it is a virus, isn't a week a long time? Would you expect her to have cleared it through her system by now?
Thanks. This was really what I was hoping wasn't the problem but I guess I should give it a go. Is is odd that an intolerance would show up now at 5 months? My diet hasn't changed any.
I know that there was another green poo thread but decided to post my own. Here's the situation: DD is 5 months, exclusively breastfed. Never had a green poo before, now every poo for a week has been green. There is a lot of mucus, once she had a poo that was only mucus (clear) or the stool is very watery, but always green. Stooling pattern has changed from once a day to 8 to 10 times a day. Stool smells FOUL and sour. DD is happy and seems well and does not seem...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mulvah The Nursing Mother's Companion by Kathleen Huggins Ditto. Awesome resource!
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