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I had so many rules too - so I know the feeling.  I had wanted Elenor for our last DD but DH wasn't too keen on that so I found Ellis and I adore it now!  It fits her to a tee : )
They usually have some good basics at Target mixed in with the 'bling' stuff LOL!   I also buy stuff for DD at Old Navy - great basic jeans, yoga pants, tshirts, ect...she is not a girly girl so we just buy basic comfy stuff.
We have 4 - 10, 8, 6 & 3.  There are a handful of babysitters we use some are older teens (16+) and some are late 20's.  All the kids are pretty mellow and it has never been an issue to stay with a sitter.  Even at bedtime the older 2 put themselves to be, the youngest has always gone to bed easy, and my 6 year old sometimes needs a little extra help, but usually my oldest will read him to sleep for the babysitter.  We are flexible though, so if someone is having trouble...
Ours can get pretty heavy - I have never weighted them (4th and 5th grade) Once they get to 4th grade that recommed a roller backpack for that very reason. We have one for each of the kids and it works great.
I ordered Land's End packs last year - for DD (3rd grade) it worked great and still looks good. But for DS (4th) who had a wheeled one (which they recommed at that grade as they switch classes) it did not hold up well. I KNOW he pull and drags that thing but it had holes on the bottom by the end of the year. I just ordered them both LL Bean rolling packs and am hoping they are better quality. In our school they recommend roller packs starting in 4th grade when...
Let's see DS 10 Spring Soccer - $60 Fall Soccer - $35 cleats - $50 other equip - $100 Choral - $600/year swim Team - $100 swim stuff - $50 TOTAL $995 DD 8 Tennis - $300/year tennis stuff - $150 Softball - $100 Softball Stuff - $150 FallSoftball - $100 swim team - $100 swim stuff - $75 $975 DS 5 baseball - $100 baseball stuff - $100 Swim Lessons (2 weeks) - $120 Total - $200 Zoo Camp for three older kids - $300 There is stuff I am sure...
Does he like to read? Would he be ok reading for awhile until he was really tired and then having you come in? We let our DD who is 8 just stay up and read until she is ready to fall asleep. What about listening to books on tape or relaxation tapes?
Mad Men West Wing Bones 24 These are all of our favs! i was actually sad when we got done with all 7 seasons of the West Wing.
We have both our living room and kitchen in the back of the house - and I do perfer it that way. When you walk in we have a foyer and the DR is on the right and my office is on the left...then you walk straight ahead and the LR is on the left and kitchen on the right. You can't really see into either room if you are standing at the front door - again, something I like. Our last house the kitchen was in the front, but not by the front door - you had to walk through the...
the makeup was HORRIBLE!!!! When Edward walks into the sun he looks terrible and you can see where the makeup on his faces dosen't match is chest so much..... but I am willing to look past that LOL! Jacob is HOT HOT HOT!!!
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