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Name: april Age: 31 Due Date: 12.15 Pregnancy #: 3 Family (partner and/or other children): married almost eleven years. daughter, 8 and son, 17 months. Birth Plans/Preferences: probably another homebirth.
aubrey, i'm in tigard right now. as much as i'd prefer to be in inner portland (i left my heart in northeast years ago and i'll always be pining to get back to that area), we're trying to find a house to buy out newberg way. the sticks. but, the husband works in rural yamhill county and his commute from our temp apartment is over an hour. so we should be closer. maybe we'll cross paths!
and how! i was pretty sure i was fertility compromised (it took five long years to conceive child #2) and it never really occurred to me I could get pregnant without actually *trying*! we didn't hit an optimum fertility window, but even so, i took a pregnancy test "just in case" when my period was one day late. negative. and then my period came within hours and i felt like a goofball for even imagining i could be pregnant. who, me? but then the period dragged on for...
i'm april, due with my third mid-december. we just relocated from arizona (where we lived for 2.5 yrs) back to oregon. i found out i was pregnant (surprise!) the very day we reached oregon. and i am still reeling! this pregnancy came as a huge shock. i even had a full, heavy period two weeks before *and* a negative test prior to the positive test. and now we're in a temporary apartment situation, with all of our stuff in storage, while we househunt and i'm feeling...
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