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I've read that if you feed them cornmeal they take can't digest it and it eventually kills them all off.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rhiannon Feimorgan I would guess birds to. It's too late for this year, but for next year early in the spring I paint a bunch of little stones red and scatter them in my strawberry bed. The birds are attracted to the red stones, thinking they are berries but soon find out they are rocks. After a while, they give up. By the time the berries are ripe, the birds have learned to leave the red things in that area alone and they...
yes, possibly birds. I guess I just thought the bite marks would look different on a bird eaten strawberry but I really have no clue! this is my first year with a garden other than a few things I've grown over the years in containers. I guess I need to put up some netting and see if that helps.
I've gotten about 10 off the plants already but went out to pick more this morning and somethign has nibbled on all of the ripe ones I have no ideas. its nibbled on them sort of like an apple, so I'm thinking mice? or worse...rats? I dont even know what we have here, we are new to the area. I looked for little paw prints and droppings but found neither. help! what can I do?
Maiasaura I can so relate.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chicky2 Hazel, call around to your nearby feed stores for straw. Here it's $6/bale. Straw is going to be thicker, and yellower, and softer. It does not contain seeds like hay does. Straw is normally used for bedding for livestock. Hay is usually used for feed. of my beets today. My kale is about done, too, I think. thanks Chicky!
Quote: Originally Posted by Chicky2 For mulch, we use the pine shavings full of rabbit poo that we clean out of our rabbitry. Obviously, that serves more than one purpose! Also, straw. NOT hay, unless it's boiled. thanks Chicky! we don't have rabbits so we don't have that option. but as far as straw...where can I get straw-what type of store? and what is the difference between like straw and a hay bale? sorry! I know I really don't know...
dumb question but what kind of mulch is best to use on gardens? I need to mulch to keep the moisture in.
Quote: Originally Posted by U2can I too have been struggling with the cravings & choices, especially the emotional eating. I tend to eat without thinking, then get so frustrated that I "failed" again, that I want to give up. I'm slowly changing my thinking to, "oops, that was a misstep, get back on track". I'm not always successful, but I can see progress. I've been obese, morbidly so, for more than 15 years. I play around at losing and let my cravings...
I've been struggling for the month of May so far. ugh trying to get back on plan but so much emotional garbage going on right now that I'm really struggling as I am an emotional eater. Struggling to deal with it in other ways, journaling, talking with friends and loved ones, etc. Somehow it just doesn't seem to be helping so much. I'm letting myself make excuses and also find myself eating without even knowing I was doing it, not really anyway. I haven't been keeping...
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