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Thank you so much for your responses ! I will direct her to this thread when she comes home.
Hi everyone, post from a lurker here... One of my best friends had her baby last night. She was 29 weeks pregnant. The baby is on a respirator now at the NICU. He weighs 1 kilogram. The doctors have said the first 48 hours are crucial as to whether the baby will survive. Has anyone here had their baby at 29 weeks ? How did he or she do ? Which problems did the baby encounter ? How long did your baby stay in the hospital and how is he or she doing now ? I'm so worried.
I usually make an AP-ish comment to "test the waters" and if it's not received well, I shut up. The other day I was talking to some moms from school. One of them had a baby two weeks ago and the other one said: "I wouldn't want another one. I hated sterilizing all those bottles !" I said "Well, there's a way to avoid that. Just breastfeed !" She answered "Yeah but eventually you always have to give a bottle ! I breastfed for 5 months and I was so proud of myself ! I felt...
My DS is 5 and loves his Snow White dress. When he first got it last year he wore it all day, every day. And I don't remember getting any negative reactions. This morning he had a dress on as well, but he took it off (and put his shorts back on) to go to the grocery store. I think he's getting more self-conscious.
Thank you Arwyn !
When I was pregnant with my first baby (eight years ago, I have three now), the first year book was recommended to me by at least 6 people as being the "Baby Bible". I had never heard of AP. I bought the book, liked to check the milestones. I did nurse DS untill his first birthday, I wore him a lot, so underneath, there was an AP-momma trying to get out... :LOL What bothers me most, now that I "know better", is that we did CIO when he was 7 months old...I still think...
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