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My heart goes out to you shannon. Just know keep your head up you will get through this!!!!!
Does any one have OCD. I have OCD without the compulsions. I'm looking for someone who can relate to the negative intrusive thoughts. I've written before about my OCD. Can anyone relate. chrissy
I was just given one. It has it's pros and cons. It's so so easy to clean. The cooking though. You have to remember the class top holds the heat. So I turn the heat up then right away turn it down once it gets hot. My husband use to be a chef and I a mster cook so of course we would prefer the flame of gas. But it just takes some getting use to. Chris
This summer has really screwed us up. I'm struggling to get back in to the swing of things as well as my kids. Bed time has been real hard not to mention the getting up thing. I'm also dreading the inside winter. We have had really crappy weather so it feels like winter is already here. The kids are bouncing off the walls. I hoping I can get back to the winter routines before I tear my hair out. But I do agree bed time's are essential.. Crissy
Hay I haven’t been here in awhile. Well I've been diagnosed with ocd. thought it was post pardon depression. Any way was on Zoloft for 3 years now. I have ocd intrusive violent thoughts. Anyway my Zoloft dose is 200. My Dr. and I have come to the conclusion it's not working and I'm getting every side effect. Well he said to go on pixel. I weaned my self off Zoloft. I believe I'm getting allot of withdrawal side effects. I'm not getting any intrusive thoughts. I need some...
I'm kind of stuck my dh does not want me to discuss it with her . It was an accident that I did happen talk to her via myspace. When we were told she was on it. I looked her up. I've never been on it before so when I logged on I put the age she was using and used my daughters name as a user name. Well there she was picture and all. Well I clicked add her as a friend. Thought nothing about it. Well I went back on to see really how often she's using it. She messaged me...
Ok now I'm really freaken out. I introduced myself as a 15 yr old living at our home area and she replied gave me her name her histrory with the area where she goes to school she told me our exact address saying she visits every other weekend gave me derections on how to walk the path to get to our house from my fake house.. What the heck do I do we talked back and forth for an hour. This is serous. Dh aint around to talk to... lots of love crissy
I found my step daughter on Myspace.com. Well I didn't find her. My dh niece saw her picture. Here's the thing she doesn't live w us full time every other weekends. So I looked her up. omg she claims she's 15 when she's only 11. Looking for a guy single etc..... Well dh and I freaked. The following day I went back to it and I was able to get right on her page. It was innocent there was no giving of address or personal info. She does admit she's 11 on the page and she is...
I need help. I have a sand box my kids insist on putting the sand everywhere. I'm looking for an alternative to sand in the sand box. They have killed everything in a 10 feet perimeter. I would hate to get rid of it. At this point I'm going to have to. There not totally into it at the same point they do like to just sit in it and play with there toys(not dig). What do I do. lots of love crissy
STOP DROP AND ROLL No just kidding I drop everything pick them up and walk out. I had to do it twice and it worked. Now they know if they misbehave we leave and that goes for any where even if I miss out. My mil suggested that I should pinch them. Don't do it I had my three year old YELL STOP PINCHING ME.. Funny not really.. lots of love crissy
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