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Where can you buy Culturelle? Thank you
double post
Walk Away the Pounds. The 1 mile tape is 15 min, the 2 mile is 30. They are low impact and really easy.
Well, it's ridiculous for him to say that your concern will only push them together. It sounds like he already had designs to cheat, and now he's going to blame you for it. Would he see a counselor with you? You also might get a better response for your question in Parents as Partners.
And if not, was that a disadvantage? My ds can recognize and write all of his letters (only upper case though). He knows the sounds of the letters, but we're still working on stringing them together to form a word (basically, sounding out a word). We'll be working on reading and writing this summer (we're living with relatives right now and it's been really hard to be disciplined about this). I feel bad, like I've failed my ds by not putting forth more effort to teach...
Kate, maybe just make cookies a weekend treat--eat a few yourself and share the rest with your neighbors. I'm trying to track today. I need to stay away from the kitchen. There are just too many snackable temptations in there
I'd love to partner up. I need the accountability. My brother got married this weekend, and needless to say, I didn't stay OP. That would be forgiveable if only I'd been on plan for the last, say, 3 wks. Ugh. Anyway, I've been dealing with these last 10 lbs or so since the end of March. But I realized that it all went to pot when I stopped exercising. I'm really hoping that when we're in our new house, it will be different. But my goal, even more than watching...
I've also recently lost 30 lbs. I have the air problem, too, but I think it's a result of childbirth (making things a lot more, um, cavernous down there). It bugs me, too, but it just reminds me to do kegels. Are you doing kegels? Maybe that would help. (I'm hopeless at remembering to do them!)
Quote: Originally Posted by greenluv I'm sure you all mean the thread I posted a while back. I'm still hanging around MDC, but I don't post as much as I used to just because I don't have a whole lot to say. I've thought about you a lot since your original thread. I can't believe anyone would accuse you of lying! I hope things are somehow able to settle down for you. It seem(ed) like a scary thing all around. Best of luck, Greenluv
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