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 This is inaccurate. Influenza is a particularly nasty illness, and it does kill people of all ages annually. One of my children had it at 11 and was very sick for a couple of weeks. It was much more debilitating than the chicken pox she had at 8. I had it two years ago and didn't get out of bed for three days except to use the bathroom, then took weeks to recover fully. Neither of us had ever been vaccinated against flu, so no, it was not caused by the vaccine or related...
I don't think that child SUPPORT has a place in taxes. Maintenance does, and child care expenses do. Child support does not.   So if he's asking for an SSN, what he probably means is "so that I can claim him as a dependent" as there's no where on the form that asks for SSN of children you're paying child support for.   Another place that might help you: http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Free-Tax-Return-Preparation-for-You-by-Volunteers
Gratitude. Embrace the life I have, the people I have in it, rather than seeing a gaping hole.
If you choose to make a report, I suggest that you have an idea of what you are going to say. Avoid minimizing, exaggerating, and evaluative language -- state concrete examples of what happened. The way you've said things in your bullet points is good. I wouldn't talk about why you visit your dad unless you're asked. Basically you don't want to sound like a resentful step kid with an axe to grind. You will possibly be asked if there are firearms in the house, and do...
 Yes. This.
"It may sound selfish but I'm tired of taking care of him."   That's how far I read. And I didn't read the paragraph before it very closely.   If you don't want to take care of another adult, don't do it. That's the first thing that came to mind.    Then I read comments and saw what others said, and then I went back and read the rest of it.   You get to do what you want to do, for whatever reasons you have. I guess my only point in posting is that even without the...
The best way to deal with it is the way that works best for each of you. That you are communicating this openly is a great!
The way that he is treating you is not okay.   "shouldn't have any issues" (unwillingness to discuss and negotiate family issues -- not okay) controlling behavior around your movements  telling rather than asking you to take a greater parenting role giving you a report card (good... not great)   I realize that I'm only hearing one side of the story, but these things concern me about your boyfriend's behavior.
 By "screw this up," I mean that I get myself emotionally to places that I've told myself I won't go because it's not a healthy place to be given the relationship that the other person is offering.
I've believe that people tell us who they are, and that we should listen when they do.   Without reading between the lines or interpreting what he's saying or making assumptions about his intentions or inventing a future, who is he telling you he is?   Now assuming that he's not going to change -- because he won't for you or because of you -- what kind of relationship can you live contently with?   I screw this up all the time, but I'm getting better at it. 
New Posts  All Forums: