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This is more paperworky stuff right now.   Today, I am choosing something, setting a timer, and working on it until the timer sounds.  
I have important things to do and have no external deadlines. Not a good fit for me, but that's how things are right now. So what are your ways of focusing on things when you have to be your own boss?   Thanks in advance.
I haven't read the entire thread. I want to be very clear that I absolutely DO NOT agree with this perspective. But from a child protection standpoint, kids are "safer" in school/in daycare because "there are more eyes on them."   So there's another place it might come from.
I agree. And this is the sort of thing that parents should communicate with each other about.   I personally prefer to keep sick kids home, where they can feel crappy in their own space. But if they had a more regular visitation schedule and had their own space at their dad's, I would probably feel differently about that. And they've certainly gone to their dad's sick when I've had to work or be at school. But then we don't have a rigid-set-in-stone schedule at this...
Yes. It was a clusterwhoops.   I think that realistic expectations, collaborative problem solving, and agreements going in may have helped. What it comes down to is that it was not a good fit for my family, given who and where each of us was at that time.   I got out of it by moving back into my marital home, which my husband had left by then. The "getting out" part was pretty ugly. I had a move out date, wasn't allowed to have anyone come over to help, and would...
I don't know what the "best" thing to do is, but I don't really see boredom as a problem that needs to be solved by me. We have books and art supplies and yards and musical instruments.  
This is why I would lean toward the "get a job" camp. Yes, the partner whose labor contributes to the family non-monitarily (although we all know how much an at-home parent saves the family just in childcare...) and how much staying out of the workforce can hurt one's future earning power. This "should" mean that these things are evened out when the marriage ends. However, it's not necessarily going to go that way: even if the judge does determine that child support and...
I know what you mean, I do! I do! As I gain more self-confidence and become less insecure, I find that "thinking a lot" is still very much a part of my personality and something that I can embrace and learn to put to good use. As I learn to approach deep thought with less guilt and shame, it works more for me. And I am finding that I am also more able to think less and have longer periods of time when I am simply at peace.
No need to apologize   Your last line really resonates with me.   My own struggle (and really, all that I am sharing here is about my own experience, not some proclamation of What's True for All Humans) has been with remembering that the only "problems" that I can fix are those that are within me.    The books and concepts that I mentioned above are speaking to me currently, where I am right now. Over the years, others on mdc and other realms around the web have...
Of course! Above all, be kind to yourself in this. Being willing to examine yourself with an honest eye and own some ways of being that are not working as well as you would like can be a challenging and painful undertaking.
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