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Years. I felt strongly that if I went too quickly I would find myself right back in the same relationship with a different person. I needed time to heal.  
I don't agree that this can be hidden from very small children. It has an impact. They don't always remember much if anything and certainly won't remember everything. Even if they remember nothing, there is an impact.   I recently learned that while I didn't remember how much my father drank when I was young (my younger brother filled me in on this) I certainly remember the tension and the rage.   I third the al-anon suggestion. I have gotten a lot from it even...
Of course there is potential for heartbreak.   And I don't think that it's a terrible idea.  
Regarding grad school: you can totally do it!
Toward the end of my marriage, I got the distinct sense that many people around me had to demonize divorce in order to tolerate their marriages.   A lot of them are divorced now.  
I also like "People Skills."   Both of these books have more of a "workplace" feel, both in their examples and the types of relationships they describe. I think that might give a more "for everyone" (ie gender-neutral) flair. They defintely don't read like a "101 ways to talk to your man" cosmo article.
    I didn't really connect socially with other students until grad school, when we had much smaller classes, a static cohort, and a lot of group projects. I met people I'd been in undergrad with but hadn't met because I was the elderly nerd who sat in the front of the classroom.
Sounds like what I remember from that age. They can get into so much in such a short amount of time that being on the same floor seems like a good idea anyway.
You express my thoughts well!   I will add in the not-always-subtle competition in which "AP" parents sometimes engage, which I have seen devolve into relational aggression. Not good for anyone!    
College is definitely not a guarantee of anything. What you major in probably matters. Other considerations include willingness to relocate. I'm far from being an expert on this, of course. I have taken into consideration how very many people want to stay where I live after graduation and how many people who live here already have degrees.   I hear very mixed responses regarding the marketability of my degree(s). The average time that an individual spends in this...
New Posts  All Forums: