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I'd add, "no harrassing your sibling while s/he's talking to dad." And we have a bedtime window, ie you don't get to call dad when it's time to get ready for bed or time to be in bed. I haven't had to set limits on him. Yet. He's talking to them combined less than once/month since he left. I've been more worried that he will freak out on me or on them for them not meeting his expectations than anything else, but it seems to be going okay.
It depends on a lot of things. If there's a huge difference in incomes, a judge might not approve your paperwork unless a reasonable amount of cs is listed. I know someone who had the paperwork rejected because of this. Depending upon how long you've been married you maybe eligible for spousal support, and then the cs will be based on your income including that ss. I hope you can work things out between you, but I'm sorry that you have to. (I think I know you )
I'd be tempted to give her a copy of The Emotionally Abused Woman, Women Who Love Too Much, or Too Good to Leave/Too Bad To Stay. Or all three. I'm impressed that you're rising above the dysfunction that's been modeled to you.
Wow, that's so sexist. Shouldn't boys get it too? Nothing is 100% and if boys are vaxed too, that will reduce the risk of it being spread even further. Assuming as they do that vaxes are safe and effective, I don't understand why this is being pushed for girls only.
A therapist suggested that I read Women Who Love Too Much. There may be some answers there. I don't buy the whole "addicted to love" thing -- I don't really buy the addiction theory in total, I guess. It was a helpful book for me.
Alfe Kohn also has several articles at his website which might help. Natural Child Project? Maybe there are articles here at MDC that fit your needs?
This sounds like my son at five. And now still at six Some of the things written in Louise Bates Ames's Books ("Your Six Year Old, Your Five Year Old, etc.) have been helpful to me when figuring out, "Is this a phase or a character flaw?" There are things about them that aren't so helpful too, though!
Other, 14:1, public school. There are frequently extra adults in the classroom.
Divorce showers should be the norm. It might be a funeral, a wake, or a celebration!
That would be very irritating! It irks me so much that in general fathers get kudos for doing anything at all while mothers are always under scrutiny and maligned for the littlest things. I would be concerned that my daughter was being conditioned to expect less than she should from men. Will she grow up to be pathetically grateful for the smallest attentions?
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