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One downside of not officially divorcing (I'm not sure the difference between a LEGAL separation and divorce in this case) is that if your legal spouse racks up debt, it may be considered joint debt if you are legally married. I think that a legal separation would also include custody specifics.
It would have worked for us, my kids and I, to be in one bedroom when they were both under 5. I knew a guy in my old apartment building who had one bedroom and two kids but I'm not sure how often they were with him. I've actually fantasized about moving back into that apartment with the kids -- it was so much cheaper and more simple. We'd just have to get rid of most of our stuff!
Perhaps some parents don't write these because they feel insecure about their own writing ability and don't want their children to be unfairly judged by it? Perhaps they don't have a computer and they're ashamed of their penmanship.
If he makes every little thing a yelling situation, yelling has much less effect when it's "needed" (such as when someone's about to touch a stove burner, step into the street, etc.) Don't ask me how I know this.
More on this (I swiped it from Katie Allison Granju's blog): http://www.time.com/time/magazine/ar...376208,00.html http://www.metropulse.com/dir_zine/d.../t_inloco.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Shenjall Coming from the other side - just b/c he doesnt have problems at your/grandparents house doesnt mean there isnt a problem. Its not snarky or anything, just a different way to look at it since you're with him less than she is. Have you asked for a compromise? Like, "I'll do the research, heres the info on diet/exercise; heres a menu plan, can we try it for x amount of time then talk about drugs?" Instead of going...
It should say in the divorce decree or parenting agreement who has the right to make medical decisions. I think that if I had the right to, I would take the boy to a doctor myself at this point and get something in writing regarding the risks and hopefully a "prescription" for alternate treatment. (Feingold, parenting classes, whatever.)
Quote: Originally Posted by warriorprincess This is a method I use. I would much rather show the kids what happens to Mr Squirrel than have one of them run over, KWIM? IMO it's much better than parents who SPANK their kids for running into the street too. I was thinking the same thing, down to the spanking. Actually, the way I put it when we happened to walk by a very squished squirrel was, "That's why I freak out about the road! That poor...
My dd liked the stick on earrings. I think I found them at a local kids toy store, but it may have been Target.
I'm trying to think of a similar situation. Showing appropriate affection such as having a child sit in your lap or hugging a child? What if she said that was gross?
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