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I saw that commercial tonight too. It must've been a huge shock on them to have a preemie- it is for everybody, of course, but they have been blessed with 18 healthy pregnancies and kids and then to suddenly get pre-e and gave a 28 weeker.....
Just curious- how many weeks gestation was he when born?
Next dr, have them sign the intact care agreement I wrote in 1998 when my eldest was retracted at 4 months. http://www.circumcisionquotes.com/care.html
So what happened?
Oh cool! Congrats!
peeonastick.com has a section about this.
my ex is in arrears for near 2K since November or december. My payments are sporatic and not what they are supposed to be. Supposedly, the state took a bunch of $ from him all at once when he got a settlement from being laid off, but the friend of the court just says its his fault. He has a new job and I told FC what that is. They said they may be able to get it from his tax refund. Who am I supposed to believe? I am getting more and more behind in my bills and am...
I wasn't pregnant. In fact, my then-dh had had a vas. This was May. I had gotten pg in Jan on an "odd" year and the previous Jan was one of those, so had I not I may have been pg. However, I did leave when he took off for the weekend- without telling me ANY plans. It was the last straw. I'd taken my kids- then 5, 3, and 1- for a walk and just as we got back, he was pulling out of the driveway with her and rolled down the window to say he was spending the weekend with...
Congrats. After you give birth, your cervi is always a little bit open- shaped like a slit instead of a hole.
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