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dear husband: omfg, did you lose your sense of humor down in Juneau, or are you just suddenly way oversensitive about my fondness for the term "butt-pirate?" heh hehe. Butt pirate. God, I just love saying that.
so, help a stranded tundra babe out, here. Is it like, "emu," but with an "o?"
Life would financially suck for both DH and me if we split, but it would suck more for me and the kids. i voted, "I'd get minimum wage." We would survive, but man, it would be pretty dang spartan.
A combo of chronic sleep deprivation and lack of intergenerationally-accepted adult-child boundaries. My kids are totally, totally unbearable if they have not slept enough. I've seen kids I thought were just obviously beyond exhausted, and parents who preferred to keep them out "just a little while longer." duh. Of COURSE your kid is throwing a friggen fit! And so many kids have seemingly never learned to even entertain themselves, or make themselves useful....
I let both my babies taste dirt. It's organic! I do draw the line at tasting chicken droppings, though. But I let 'em get dirty, wander around, splash the hose, crawl/walk wherever, throw rocks into puddles, as long as I can still see them and call them quickly back to me.
My kids are 2.5 and 10 months. I'm taking an intensive summer class again this year-- barring having a very tiny EBF baby or an inconveniently looming due date, I take one class every semester. Even if it means enrolling the kids in part-time daycare. Making slow-but-steady progress toward my goal of earning my bachelor's is really, really important to me. The summer classes are pretty intense-- 4 evenings a week, 3 hours per class, PLUS mandatory studio time, for...
Quote: Originally Posted by boingo82 LOL - DDDDCs are supposed to last for like, a week...but I've had this one for around 2 years. Either they forgot to remove it, or someone spent like $200 to label me "Okaye!" for eternity. I was just noticing that the other day! And congrats, booda!
Yes, twice. Once because I was young, in the military, and the guy involved was really a totally irresponsible loser-- he even forgot to drive me to the clinic because he stayed out getting drunk with his OTHER girlfriend the night before the procedure. : Not someone I wanted to be hog-tied to for 18 years. I was like Ruby; I would have put myself in thousands of dollars of debt to buy an international plane ticket if I had to. I did have to take two days off work...
Quote: Originally Posted by avengingophelia I think there is a real danger in denigrating education for the sake of being "non-classist," and it sucks. I worked my ass of for that degree, dammit, and that ought to count for something, just like previous experience and a given skill set should. I agree with your whole post, and this part really jumped out at me. I'm not interested in seeing everyone become all anti-intellectual, but I WOULD like...
you and me both. What IS it with toddlers and cheerios??
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