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Quote: Originally Posted by ktbug Well, they're all crunchy for a little while. But they get all comfortable in their mass-produced bowls, swimming around in their little pasteurized pools, and before you know it they're just mushy, mainstream little rings of processed corn product, little metaphors for the American colon. But that's not the Cheerios' fault. they merely succumb to gravity as they are being dumped into the pasteurized evilness....
Quote: Originally Posted by boodafli do you think fruity cheerios is a perjorative description for cereal? i think it minimizes the struggle the cheerios go through. It really depends on whether the cheerios themselves have chosen to reclaim their maligned "fruitiness" from the mainstream. Self-determination and all that. What I do admire about cheerios is that they are ALL crunchy. Really, aside from their total lack of diversity, they...
Very eloquent post, alexam.
It's less weird if the bar has a dirt floor. yee-haw!
Mine have both done the exact same thing, at that very same age. And my bed is really quite high! If they don't get into M.I.T, we'll know what to blame it on. Anyway, it only took once or twice. Not that I really wanted them to learn about heights in that way, but that seemed to be how it went.
I hope we get to throw our peanut shells on the floor, speaking of salty wenches. But I'm probably mixing up my bar scenes here. Don't judge me.
aw, Mia, you're so silly. sniff. Boo'n'Ferret sounds like a good place to drink a pint of bitter, no? Er, I'm futzing around, probably getting into trouble with the law on MDC again. Should be doing yard work, though.
and shopping at WalMart.
Thinking of you during a difficult time.
it's ok, love. If we all just have a buttload of kids, we'll all eventually be too stupid to argue with each other, anyway! Who said wimmen need brains?
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