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Quote: Originally Posted by boodafli yeah. but like, wheat won't starve if i don't remember to finish grinding it. Yeah, but it doesn't holler incessantly till you remember, either.
It's terrible, but I only use his name if I am yelling at/for him. "Caaaaarl! Supper's on!" Or "Carrrrl! The baby needs a clean diaper!" Otherwise, I call him by a nickname. And I only started calling him by his name fairly recently, as we have gotten much busier and he has started to get on my nerves more.
but where in the debil do you go to buy wheat? I even have a grain mill. DH uses it to make beer. I like beer. If you have the attention span to source, buy, grind, and make something from plain wheat, I think you can handle the two kid thang.
dooooo it. They entertain each other. *come to the dark side, boodafli*
goodness! Where's she at on the growth chart? Did they take her prematurity into account? Did they check her adjusted age? And do you have some guess as to why she has been throwing up? What kind of things does she normally eat? Hang in there-- my (full-term) DD was diagnosed FTT, too, and though she's still not on the charts, she IS finally looking a little less pitiful. It's not easy, for sure.
yeah, but I'd be blind as a mole. I'm so embarrassingly near-sighted. THough maybe I'd have spent much less of my life peering at books and computer screens.
HA! Girl, that is the story of my life. My son got into a bin of (expensive organic) flour last week, while I was on MDC having a sanity break. I knew he was up to something deeply diabolical by the sound of his belly-laughs, but did not dare go look. gosh, they're cute.
garden tomatoes!!!!! milky baby's breath. God, what a smell. compost. coffee! My husband. I swear, I only put up with his bullshit, because he smells so good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Periwinkle Can you give me an example of something you think is morally wrong but you would actively support someone else's right to do it? I can. I think it is morally wrong to have more children than one can afford to feed or educate, and yet I defend people's legal right to do exactly that. Because the alternative is worse. I also think it is morally wrong to be a white supremecist, but I defend people's right...
Quote: Originally Posted by A&A It has such a word. "One" works for General You. "If one believes such and such, then one should have the right to........." You're absolutely right. It just seems too formal and serious and English-y for message-boards.
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