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Totally racist. Though the person doing it usually doesn't think so. My FIL told me once about how one of his coworkers REALLY likes hot peppers (not too uncommon where FIL comes from) and he felt it was necessary to tell us all that the coworker was black. Um, OK?
We aren't technically carless, but like a PP, my husband and I share a car, which mean I AM carless most of the week. Um, we spend a lot of time in the garden. Can you do some planting/watering/weeding with them? Kids seem to like that. I let them watch some TV, too. Hey, it's just PBS! Markers, crayons, listening to music, dancing, napping, and their own invented games.
What a hard situation, mama. : Thinking of you. You sound like you've thought this through.
yeah, I'm pretty sure our local lib. has a 1 hour limit for the internet. Anyway, 28 is plenty old enough to know better. I like the idea of informing her that if she is going to bring her baby into the library, she needs to bring a formula bottle or a snack to keep him occupied so he isn't crying and "disturbing the other patrons." Really, that should go without saying. So I guess you could make it an official libaray policy, eh? I'm sorry you have to watch that!
I think it's more connected to race, geography, upbringing, and education than money per se. Like someone else said, I think money is more often a side-effect of those advantages than it is a causative one. I think that's where a lot of the rags-to-riches ethos comes from... lots of people out there (especially in a historically immigrant-heavy country) have all the best class advantages without money. Well, it's far from impossible to go out and remedy that lack...
Quote: Originally Posted by artgoddess What is cupro? Quote: 1) Cupro fiber is a gentle fiber, a pure cellulosic fiber, reborn from the linter of the cotton plant: a) Originated from natural renewable resource b) Smooth, free, elegant and comfortable c) 100% pure cellulose composition that inherently returns to its natural origins by biodegradation or clean-burning incineration So, basically, when you're done, just burn the...
Is it burlap? :
Quote: Originally Posted by BelgianSheepDog I'm sorry, I don't find that funny at all. I think a person can absolutely believe the drugs are toxic, overpriced, and definitely not a satisfactory long-term solution AND believe that in a large portion of cases (not all, but perhaps the majority) they are a better alternative to a miserable premature death. I think that one can get behind the idea that if your kid has HIV you'd best either give them the...
My husband goes out of town a lot; this time, he's been gone since Monday, will be back this weekend, and then leaves again this coming Monday. Yesterday, he called and said something about how he's hoping for some action "tomorrow." I'm like, "oh really? How much does that kind of thing go for down there?" he's like, "um, I'm coming home tomorrow. You charging now?"
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt's Mom in MT Everyone needs a hobby. Yeah.
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