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Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Are we talking about high schoolers who are well aware of race relations in America today, or preschoolers who can't even *see* skin color yet? eee, AFAIK, even preschoolers are actually very aware of skin color and cultural differences, and they tend to congregate with other preschoolers of similar ethnic backgrounds, even in very diverse classrooms. Didn't someone just put out a study about this? (isn't...
It's really pretty tough and lonely to be the only white kid. Probably somewhat like it's tough to be the "only" kid of any particular background in an otherwise ethnically homogenous environment. I've been the only white kid in the classroom, and I would not choose to repeat that experience for my own kids, just to be brutally honest here. That said, all schools are different. Maybe the social environment there will be more welcoming and supportive than the school...
Quote: Originally Posted by thismama I've never heard about treating a newborn pre-diagnosis. I don't think I'd do it. ARV drugs + ff + c/s (altho maybe not according to the new research?) = 2% chance of infection, no? \! I believe that's right... I am not sure what I personally would do; I'd probably do it because I'm a tool of the man like that, but I would certainly be pained and conflcted and agonized about it... and being forced into it...
yeah, the benefits are life.... if you believe Big Pharma$. ok, that mightve' been kind of uncalled for. Still, I really think it is legit for some people to believe that HIV/AIDS is a scam created by bad science and motivated by profit. People have a lot of beliefs about medicine that I can't quite crawl on board with; that doesn't mean I'd like to force them to medicate their kids with God-knows-what.
Quote: Originally Posted by kama'aina mama I think she means, "If Jane Doe does not believe that HIV causes AIDS then it would make no sense for Jane Doe to give Baby Doe drugs to prevent it." Not you... the general you... Is that right ferrettoes? Yes, ma'am. ETA: I fixed my post. The English language really needs a better, more succinct word for the General You.
Quote: Originally Posted by ShadowMom How about the fax debate? We definitely need to get into that here, I think. Definitely. I'm totally anti-fax. You know when you call up a number, and it turns out to be their FAX number, and it goes HMMMM, EEEEEE, BYONG, and you don't have any other number to reach them at? Ecologically unfriendly, too, faxing.
Quote: Originally Posted by kama'aina mama : I'm sorry. I like you. I like my kids, too. Cross my heart n hope to die. Don't stay mad too long, 'kay?
Quote: Originally Posted by roxyrox Th vax debate is totall different from this debate though. Vaccination is preventative treatment of children who are not sick for the most part. Treatment of a HIV+ child is life saving..they don't just give drugs out willy-nilly...you only get them when you really need them. Now, correct me if i'm totally mistaken, but I thought the drugs were supposed to be started the moment the kid came up positive, or...
Sorry, kama, I'm not bitin'. I've got too many people IRL sending me pamplets already. now if they'd just stop sending me pamphlets about the twin evils of birth control and abortion, I'd be set fer life. :
Anyway, in this case, what difference would it make? If a kid's family comes from a very anti-pharmeceutical POV, and their "default" was to treat naturally or to believe that HIV/AIDs are unrelated, then... so what? If there is one thing I've learned on MDC, it is that people approach all of this from some wildly varying points of view, and that nobody is totally objective when it comes to their own beliefs about their own children.
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