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ah, I'm sorry, TD. I'm sittin here drinking "Fairbanks Lager" from the microbrewery 3 miles up the road. : You must forgive me-- I'm a beer girl.
I quit cloth over massive diaper rash, too. Tried boiling, bleaching, soaking in all kinds of potions. Creams, salves, ointments, medicated and natural. I told people the rash had nothing to do with cloth : ... but right before I had my second baby, I let DH buy a pack of sposies for my toddler. The rash cleared up practically overnight. Case closed. And I loved doing cloth, too. So sweet n fluffy. Must be an area water issue. I've talked to other moms around...
Quote: Originally Posted by thismama Well, biologically they are capable, no? If a young woman births a child, she is a parent. The difference is whether she is a parent of a baby with her, or a parent of a baby removed. Socioculturally we do a LOT to prevent young women from parenting their own children. We would do well to take down these barriers and put some supports in their place. I am really not unsympathetic to the notion that teens...
Quote: Originally Posted by vbactivist I have a really good recipe for Brussel Sprouts with bacon. I mean, how can you not like anything with Bacon? Come to think of it, that actually is a friendship deal breaker for me. I have a vegan friend who jokes she is a vegan but makes an exception for bacon. : Bacon is so heavenly. If I had to choose one meat product to ingest for the rest of my days, it would be bacon.
I think that's very true, Boingo. My mom homeschooled three closely-spaced children, was a SAHM with an often-absent husband, LOTS of constant financial stress, and we moved a lot, so there was little chance for her to have a meaningful social-support network. IMO, some of her discipline DID cross the line into real child abuse. She has apologized profusely. But not all of it was abusive, IMO. She really did (and still does!) believe that spanking was sometimes...
duh, how did I never think of this? Thanks!!
Quote: Originally Posted by cristeen How is it you guys got your results so fast? I was told to "check your email in 1-2 hours" I think I've taken it before... a lot of my answers were already filled in. Twas painful to have to adjust my weight answer upward, though.
Age: 25.9 RealAge: 22.3 Needed to lose a bit of weight, drink less alcohol : get more regular aerobic exercise, and FLOSS.
Circ being made illegal would pretty much wipe it out of hospitals, and that'd be 100 percent OK with me. It's not parents who do it-- it's doctors. CIO is, IMO, impossible to regulate. Even totally anti-CIO people will tell you that leaving a baby alone in a crib for 10 minutes is better than shaking it out of rage, frustration, and exhaustion. (now THAT is child abuse!) And, anyway, you can't prove much about it. Seriously, how would you even prosecute that? Spanking...
Having read the other thread, I agree that this was the best possible outcome. I hope the young mama gets a chance to get herself together and finish growing up, and I hope the baby gets a stable, reassuring sense of home, and a chance to really break the cycle.
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