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DDC crashing to say.. OH Carrie! What a story! I am so very proud of you for staying educated and determined in what you felt was right. You are the true embodiment of strong woman!    How are the boys doing? How are YOU doing? How's Clara doing (LOVE her name!)? Is nursing going ok? Thanks for posting the whole story. I was waiting on tippy toes to find out how everything went!   
Yeah, it was my BG deluxe AIOs that repelled.    Do you have a Cracker Barrel near you? I found Kirk's castile soap there for .99 a bar. Dr. Bronner's is pretty easy to find at Target or natural food stores. 
Tiny Bubbles didn't work at all for our dipes. In fact, all the "cloth diaper" detergents I tried eventually lead to stink for us. I've used A&H just fine, but not for extended periods of time. You might need to do an extra rinse once in a while. 
I would say it might be the fels naptha. Replace that with 1/4 grated bar of castile soap, and add 1/4c of oxyclean, and the dinginess and repelling might get better. I used homemade laundry detergent on my clothes and diapers for over a year, and other than the occasional (less than once a month) need to do an extra rinse on the dipes, I didn't have a repelling problem. But also keep in mind the fabrics of your diapers. I noticed homemade detergent didn't work as well...
Yup! Sounds quite "normal" for that age. :) My 15mo can say Hi, bye, Mama, Dada, car, kitty cat, all done, baba (for bottle) and Nana, but she understands so much more and she has a few signs she uses too, so even though she is stingy with her talking, I'm not worried at all. At this age they are learning so much that sometimes they will even "regress" a bit in their language development as they learn to fine tune their walking and other gross motor skills. Between...
We forgo the term "step" in our house, but it might be easier for us since my son's biodad only comes around maybe twice a year. My son calls my husband by his first name, but refers to both of us as his parents. My husband refers to both kids as "his kids." I dislike the term "step" for some reason I can't put my finger on, and everyone in my family feels the same way, so we just don't use it. 
I got my prenatal care at the Birth Cottage in Tallahassee. I would suggest being very well informed, and perhaps even open to the possibility of accidental or intentional UC.    I'm glad to see the family practice recommendations. I've been looking for some. I'm also glad to see recommendations for other HB midwives. We aren't planning another pregnancy any time soon, but I'm glad there are options. I thought there was only one in this area. 
My now six year old wasn't talking at 2.5 (he had maybe 5 words?). As a first time mom, I was worried (oh, how I fretted!). I put him in speech therapy (which was a fabulous experience, by the way! Very fun), and within 4 months, he was talking "normally."    How he never, ever, ever, (EVER!) stops talking.    Moral of the story? Don't worry too much. Try speech therapy if you're so inclined. But don't worry. 
A good first place to start is acutely observing your two year old throughout the day and picking up on her elimination schedule. Even if it seems random at first, most little humans (and big ones!) do indeed have an elimination schedule. The first pee/poop of the day is the easiest one to figure out first. Stick with that one for a little while. Talk about the potty, repetitively use hand motions (I put my thumb in between my index finger and middle finger for poop)...
I use an old, practically useless pocket diaper as a swim diaper. This eliminated the need to buy an expensive swim diaper (or having to constantly buy disposable swim diapers). I don't stuff the diaper with anything, because as other posters said, you don't want it to be absorbent; it just needs to be able to catch a poo should one happen. 
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