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They say it because its true. And a shock to most people just how much harder 2 is then 1, well in those frist few months for sure!
First, why not take money out from each paycheck for yourself, you should have to grade papers or anything to earn money, you are earning it by staying at home! I found taking over all money issuses gave me back the "control" I felt I was lacking when I gave up working to SAH. Now I do all the bills and stuff and now how much I can spend, DH trusts me 100% and its worked out GREAT. What about doing some little "homeschooling" program, like Little Acorns or something like...
You can go here: http://www.nymbler.com/ Try it, there may be a name that really jumps out at you! I would maybe go with a name like Serenity Rose over Trinity Rose.
My mom had tha story on CD and forgot to turn it off one year during x-mas tree decorating...lets just say my brother and I spent the whole day crying..and her explaining..I wouldnt go there!
Quote: Originally Posted by Marylizah Someone gives you (or your child) a gift you don't want / can't use / don't need / feel is irresponsible / etc etc etc: the rule is always the same. You smile, you say thank you, and you mean it. Because what you are thanking the person for is not merely the object(s) in front of you, but the kindly attention you assume is behind the gift. The time, thought and money that went into it. I just really don't...
No, mine was super active but came on his "due date". ALthough I will say he is still super active now LOL
I am a "redhead" not fire red but red enough and Im a bleeder but birthed twice w/out meds, you can do it!!
Yep there needs to be something "wrong" to get WIC, fear of becoming obese is one of them. Its a PITA but just ignore them.
Could you be pregnant? My mouth tastes like metal everytime Im preggo LOL
AH I was saying all sorts of stuff about weaning my DS at a year.......and now he wont nurse at all (at a year) and I DIDNT wean him and am now pumping for him....I would just let it go, either way unless she is sad about it its her choice!
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