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I used Oragel PM and it helped alot.
We have lots of cabniet space, more than counter space, so sitting out we have the microwave, a butter crock and a knife block.
We had a dairy intolerence....but also silent reflux (as in he didnt THROW UP but he did cough alot at night, woke SO MUCH and was snot-nosed alot of the times) I didnt want to medicate, but when I started it (9 months) it was like having a new baby. It was amazing. He went from waking 8 or 9 times a night to once. In one night. Crazy.
I picked 3.5 years, that is the spacing between my two (well 3 years, 4 months but I think that is closer than 3yrs) I LOVE IT! It was hard for me because DD and DS are total opposites so not only was I parenting a new baby after 3.5 years, but he was NOTHING like she was LOL But its nice to be able to get a kid out of the car and know they wont dart into traffic if it takes a minute to get the baby out of the car, they can share a bit more, play by themselves...
I wouldnt. My DD was SO SHY at 2, 2.5 and now at 4 (with no preschool) she is super outgoing and not a "follower" at all...they change SO much, just keep nurtureing him, he will figure it out! My DD will be going to pre-k this fall, but she is 4.5.
My first was a "dream baby" but looking back, I didnt PUT HER DOWN for two years LOL Yeah she slept thru the night, but I think the consent one on one attention was exactly what she needed. So it was a combo of her personality, her being the first and only for 3.5 years and our parenting, it just worked. Number 2 was MUCH harder, but not difficult. He doesnt sleep thru the night (at almost a year) was cranky as heck till we figured out his reflux, but is just such a...
I had a U/S 2 days before DDs birth, they said she would be 5lbs, maybe 5.5....she was 7lbs
I use SwaddleBees AIO and pockets. My DS has chubby thighs, and a buddah belly, but isnt chucky per say
Something like this: http://www.combi-intl.com/Products/Item.aspx?Item=12
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