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I dont know....but I think using the liners is a great idea for right now till you work things out! Honestly, I have hard water and all natural laundry soaps jsut dont work, period. THey have lots of natural enzymes and oils that just dont get rinsed out. I used maybe 5 drops of Purex Free and Clear (1/2 tablespoon at MOST) and my diapers come out clean and stain free, smelling nice. Stick them in the dryer after as well...
IDK if someone linked this yet(half way down the page) http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/prefoldfitted.htm
cheap fitted kindas lol http://nickisdiapers.com/catalog.php?category=263
that happens ALOT with mommyfriends, its just the way it works I think....dont feel bad!!
Try a prefold on a stuffed toy with a snappie....they are really, really easy!!
DDC crashing here, but they couldnt find my DS's HB at 11 weeks either, nor at 13, went for a U/S and it was all good, just my placenta was anteior. It was hard to find the HB till 18-19 weeks with the doppler, and even then it was always muffled! Sorry you have to wait, its so freaking hard!
Honestly, I reached for the stained stuff more than the new clothes LOL I dont want the new things to get ruined LOL Its really nice to, in those first few months, just throw the freakin thing away when you kid has the 234324 blow out diaper of the night and its 4 am. If something is super stained to begin with, I dont feel as bad! Flame away for me throwing it away, but sometimes it just had to be done!
look inside and see if there is an insert sewn in or not!! swaddlebees makes ab AIO AND a pcoket and the pocket diaper doesnt come with an insert!
Have you washed them? You need to wash them 4-6 times before they start to absorb anything at all really. And honestly, if your DD is a heavy wetter you are gonna have to stuff them with a doubler, they are great diapers but dont hold alot! From their site: The diapers need to be pre-washed at least once before use. Three to four times, and dried in between, is preferable. This causes the cotton fibers of the top layer to fluff up and become more absorbent. You may...
Have you checked out the book "No Cry Sleep Solution" ? Get it now! And truth be told, most babies are like that at that age, and the books lie to us I think if we all got together and took a poll, at 5-6months of age a nursing baby is waking every 3 to 4 hours. And by medical definiton, "sleeping thru the night" is five hours.....crappy huh? Do you get out of the house? Can you co-sleep with him so you are waking fully each time he gets up?
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