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you could always try rubbing the small of his back, right above his buttcrack, weird I know but its an old family "trick" that seems to work wonders! If it gets bad maybe a rectal thermomator? I would hate to do that to such a small babe, but if he seems in pain....IDK Hope it works itself out soon!
My DS is also an August 08 babe and he is walking as well......and I have no suggestions. Hes nuts LOL
I wish I knew! MY aunt got tazzered(sp?) in a robbery and the shock didnt affect her, it went back into the robbers hand LOL She also cant wear watches ect.
The Kirkland brand stuff is nice. Its cheaper for me to get Organic butter/milk and trashbags there right now, during the "food season" it changes in the winter though, and its cheaper to get veggies and fruits as well as eggs. HTHS
I love my SB;s as well! I think they prob. seem to work best on a short big belly chunky thigh baby over a long and lean one! They are so trim and dont rub into my DSs chubby thighs! I like them over FBs and BG's!
Yeah either trifold and cover, or you may have to do what I did and get some pockets LOL
You can try a pacifier I know lots of people who just use it for car rides. Do you have another carseat she fits in? Some kids just HATE the bucket seats and will not be happy in them>
Quote: Originally Posted by sunnymw ...and here is me jumping in uninvited again, with pictures of my 26lb 2.75yo and 22lb 11mo. in nothing but adult belts. If I do it in our Durango, the belts basically go over their heads. http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/m...s/100_3609.jpg http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/m...s/100_3612.jpg http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/m...s/100_3613.jpg http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/m...s/100_3614.jpg ...
We chose NOT to find out with my second, because we wanted another girl for many reasons, and thought if the baby came out a boy it wouldnt much matter at that point what gender it was. And we were right!! When DS was born I even waited to see what "he" was for 15 minutes, just to let all those lovey hormones work their way into my system and get me all nice and lovey! It really helped, by the time I looked I was like "oh its a boy!" like it was no big deal! Good luck,...
Try corn. It could be silent reflux. Although my DS would do that, eyes open and everything but still be asleep, not rapid breathing or anything, like early night terrors maybe?
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