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I babysat for someone who had her just turned 3 y/o in a backless booster and her 5 y/o in nothing, my almost 3 y/o was still RFing.....gawd that was the longest three minute drive to their preschool ever! I felt like I was going to puke the whole time. Cute thing though, the 3 y/o asked my 2 y/o why she was "In a baby carseat" and my DD said, "Im not a baby, so this isnt a baby carseat, silly!" LOL
Um the onsequence is that he leaves nothing for the rest of his family to eat......that sucks. Take him shopping, get him snacks that he likes or ingredients to make some and when he eats all those, he is done for the week. 14 year old boy or not, noone needs to eat 24/7 and Im assuming he isnt working on a farm or doing hard physical labor so I would let him know that he is allowed to eat, but he cant eat everyones food...........
Well, when you are RFing, the straps have to be AT the shoulders or BELOW. 9 times out of 10 they will be BELOW, so their shoulders will be higher than the slot. Totally okay, totally safe and totally right!!
Heat rash or yeast to me!
There are some that "do" all three, but not well. And you would have to turn them FF too early and then put them in a booster at 40lbs which is normally too young to be in a boosterseat. Go with the Scenera, you will have a few years or use with it and then you can worry about getting another seat!!
I wold give it a little more time.....and there is nothing wrong with them staying up in bed just having alone time, kids need it too! After they get used to it they may start to fall asleep closer to their "bedtimes" Just keep it up, they will adjust!
I know its frustrating, and good for you that you have such a great sleeper......but I would prob. just stop giving advice. Trust me, I have a sleeper and a nonsleeper and you could tell me every trick in the book but it doesnt work with him.....
DDC crashing, but just wanted to say to Candi that both my DD and DS were born with jet black hair and neither of them kept it, LOL DD is almost blonde. HTHs esp. if you really love the name, i say go for it!
Yeah when you reach your breaking point it is more than okay to step out for a moment to get yourself together. That happened tonight.....it took two hours to get DS to sleep, NOTHING was working and he was misrable...DH was frustrated, I was almost in tears so I took him up, set him in his crib told him I loved him and would be back in five minutes but I needed a time out. DH was upset that we couldnt help him sleep, but in that moment we both needed to just breathe....
My DS is like that(about two weeks older than yours) and nothing got better till he started to sleep in his own crib. In his own room. It was just too much for him to sleep by the boob all night, for me!! He was waking every hour, and now goes to bed at 7:30 and get up twice at night, then is up for the day at 7:00am. His naps are short too, 45 minutes is a long one! I TOTALLY understand about wanting them to sleep because they are so freakin miserable!!!!!! God by 5:30...
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