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This is just a thought(from a woman who was a CRAZY teen!) could you get her a "big brother/big sister" type of mentor? Sometimes all it takes is a somewhat older person to show the teen what she is doing isnt really "cool" at all!! Maybe someone who is also into music, ect? Many times older teens (16,17,18) like to volunteer for this type of thing, it helps them have things to put on college apps. I am sure if you called the highschool they would know of some program like...
I look and act just like my mom, I mean down to a T. I was shopping with her in a friend of the families store, when the owner said to my mom" Wow, you must be so proud of WHitney, she is JUST like you!" and my mom replied, "no, she is more than I could ever dream of being." They didnt know I overheard them. It still brings me to tears when I think about it! I was about 17 at the time. My parents were always going to sell us to the gypsies. Me and my brother would beg...
Instead of christmas, we are going to do "New things for a new year" on Jan 1st. We are going to do a stocking on X-mas day, then just have our family open 4 things on New Years Day (I read it on MDC, its the something to read, something to wear, ect). But all of us will have to pick at least 4 things to donate before we get our new things. We have lots of things to do over the x-mas holiday, we wanted something that was just us as a little family.
I got a positive 9dpo w/ an Answer test ( SUPER FAINT, but it was there) and I got a negative with any other test until I was around 14 dpo...so I always tell people to use answer lol Good luck!!
Did they do a transvaginal U/S? If they did, you can totally see a heartbeat at 6 wks!! I would go to another Dr. ASAP!! Shot, Im so parinoid I would prob. haul myself into the ER and tell them about the pain,just to get another persons advice ASAP!!
I just wanted to add, when I was on Food stamps, we would buy "treats" with them, like ice cream or cakes......think about it, if you are poor enough to get food stamps, you prob. dont have enough money to buy anything eles, including presents or gifts. So you can buy "treats" like cakes instead of presents. Everyone, even poor people are allowed to want something nice every once and awhile. And just because you are poor doesnt mean someone should be allowed to tell you...
If they aren't sharpend, you wont be able to skate on them, so that is a to getting them sharpend up!
I totally understand!! Mine went away in about 3 months(comp. gone(pain)), and everything still works!
I didnt take one, just read alot!! Except for the argument me and my midwife got into during my labor (mw: you shouldhave taken a class" me(6 cm dia.) "well its a little bit late for that!!") I did great!! I think if you just read youll be good? Will you have a doula, that would help!
Im just happy and filled with love that someone thought enough of us to send us a card wishing us a joyfull season. It doesnt matter how they chose to write our names, it matters that they chose to send us a card in the first place. So no, it doesnt bother me lol
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