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I have a great group of mama friends with kids of all ages, my DD is exposed to so much over the week and BEGS to go to school......she wants me to grade her crafts at home, I got some homeschooling stuff online, tried to do it with her and she said "You arent a teacher, your a mama!" So for me, its about honouring HER and her choices. If she doesnt like it, fine, we will take her out, but for now she is going LOL
I posted this before, but my name is Whitney, kinda common, not "weird" and it rhymes with some pretty *fun* things.......S*itney, T*tney, Cl*tney.......and I went on to name by kinds kinda different names that rhyme or have something that could be picked on for.....honestly if its not your name its something eles.
My DD was about that at that age. She is 4 yrs 2months and 31 lbs.
To the posted who said the GN was huge, it actually fits better in my car than the marathon, it kinda fits into the seat rather than on top of it, if that makes sense...I can squeeze myself back there between the GN and a Safeseat, where as with teh Safeseat and the Marathon I couldnt at all! HTHs!
Quote: Originally Posted by atlambert Often, babies will sign milk for EVERYTHING because they realized that when they signed it while hungry, they got milk, so they think that sign means they'll get whatever they want. As long as you keep reinforcing it, and offering milk when you can, and at least talking about milk when you can't actually nurse him, he should figure it out. My 9 month old does "more" for everything he wants, if I wont give...
AH I dont think it matters any more LOL Name your kid "Jessica" or "James" if you want them to stand out hahaha My name is Whitney, and I got lots of flak for it in school. Replace the W with any number of letters, S*itney, Cl*tney, T*tney........ahh yess. Its ever worse with my last name!! Not to mention they would ask if I was sisters with Whitney Huston, like that makes ANY sense LOL I learned to not let it bother me, and would just roll my eyes when someone said one...
I am in NE Ohio and also got really sick before Easter....hummm
Its not too bad!! I got nitrous before to calm me down, some novacain and *yank* it was out......seriously like 5 minutes and it was done! I was taking lots of garlic and stuff like before hand, so I felt even though the tooth was super infected I was okay, kwim? My DS was 2 weeks old when I had it done! I did have to take some pain killers afterwards, and felt comfortable doing so. Its up to you, but I dont think I would have gotten thru it afterwards without, but the...
I did "surprise" births because I wanted a surprise! That and really, I dont need to give my baby a gender while its in my belly! It did make pushing easier for me, not knowing what i was birthing! It made picking out names more fun, and it made calling all our family and friends SOOOOO fun because they had no idea if they were getting a boy or a girl or what it would be named, I just love surprises!!
i picked out a nice crochet blanket and put it between my skin and his crazy hand is LOL
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