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DDs is no where to be found, and DS has gone up quite a bit from when we picked it out (4 years ago) to when we got around to having a boy (8 months ago) I would have wanted something a bit less popular /trendy for him, but DH was in love with the name LOL
My DS was born 8/8/8, and he army crawled at 4 month, pulled to standing at 5ish months, started trying to climb the stairs at almost six months. Crusing at 6.5 months, and climbing the stairs about 5 days ago (start of 7 months) And just TODAY I look over and he is sitting!!!! Before today he wouldnt sit down for anything, and if I did get him sitting down he would just crawl away! He too did the back arching/flipping out of my hands when i tried to sit him down.He would...
get some baby leg warmers!
Its prob. not. My eyes sparkle when I see bigger homes, esp. fancy ones. That is normal but doesnt mean I would pay 15,000 more dollars a year to live in a bigger house. Plus you would need more furniture, to fill that space. Or then you are just heating space, which isnt worth it.
I never took Bradley classes, just read the book(s) and even my MW was like "Oh did you take Bradley classes?" August is a bit away, but please, dont give up! She is your MW knows of anyone who is training to be a PP doula.
i dont understand.......can someone lead me step-by step? We did recive a check for the full amount a family of three was supposed to get.....but I still enter 0? Im SO confused and dont want to get held up after I file!
Did you even check out the website I posted??? there are many things you can do. And if you are pissed at her now, how are you going to be able to birth with her around?
Go to spinningbabies.com...... You babe could have just turned, its possible. sorry you are dealing with this.
DS is six months old, was holding his head up at birth, never needed much support, could bear weight on his legs at a few weeks old....he is fine as far as I know! He is just creeping as has been at about 4 months and is sitting on his own......he is nuts!
Thanks for the laugh. So funny!
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