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You can always just call him that and change it later. I have more than a few friends I know by "XYZ" and its not theirname at all. Like,not even a middle name. But it is their name, KWIM?
I have an 08-08 baby and I thought it would be horrible but it wasnt! All teh nice evenings outside nursing the babe, not worrying about if the kid has any clean clothes LOL Co-sleeping is a breeze, you dont have to worry about figuring out how to sleep with out sheets! Nice cool bathes with the baby! Im in Ohio, and I thought it would be warmer ALOT longer than it actually was LOL All those nice fall walks with a baby in a wrap, lovely!
We owend a Geo and that didnt even come to mind! I like it, and by the time he/she is old enough, no one will remeber the "Geo" car anyhow!
I would block feed (check out kellymom for info) and pump on the side that you arent feeding him on. Good luck!
Drink a ton of water, when you have to pee get in the bath and smell some peppermint oil.......you can also put a washcloth over your vagina while you are peeing in the bath, the counterpressure can feel very nice!
DS will be 4 months on teh 8th and is in 6-9 clothes, around 13 lbs and 25 or 26 inches. I dont know if that is big or small or "normal" LOL
My DS does this, and he is 3 months old, he has always done it. Nothing "wrong" with him although it rips my heart out to listen to it, I find if I pick him up it ticks him off BAD. Im better off just to let him wimper.....it reminds me of a puppy dreaming. FYI, he now also laughs in his sleep as well!
Oh they sell nice shelfbra tanks there as well, 2 for 10, with adjustable straps and extra long lenght, great for nursing!
The only things I get are trash bags and milk and butter. Their diaper and wipes end up being more than Target ect. Though I would make prob. get electronics thru them, but we never buy them lol If you dont want to shop sales, then Costco is the way to go. If you are used to shopping sales and doing coupons and whatnot, the savings just wont seem like enough.
At 2 I let DD climb in her RF seat herself, SO EASY. She just scrambled up there and was in postion to get buckled in. Getting her sitting right FF is more of a pain, I actually switched from a Blvd to a Nautillas because it was taking her too long to get in herself and everytime I tired to get her in it was a major project to get the buckle out from under her and get her sitting right int he seat. I would RF for ever if I could, so much easier!
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