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It's tough when you're competing with 300 other applicants, huh? Hate to tell you, but I gave up long ago. I spent all my money on gas and that killed me and my self esteem. Do not let it get to you.... just keep hope. It's not going to be as easy as it used to be and it's not bc of you that you aren't getting hired. I didn't realize there was an economic recession nor did anyone else (people talked bad about me bc I couldn't find a job)... and I lost it. I'll...
sucks that my life has come down to constant expectation of money. Starts to wear on you.
I need a million hugs right now. This anger gets the best of me, but without it, I'd give up.
For over a year now, they have done NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my in-laws are more than willing to take my son off my hands, now that we've been run in the ground financially. I'm not ready to give up just yet but at the same time, I love my son and I have to think about his quality of life. I just want to........... do some really #$%tty things right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why why why?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's awesome. I have a verrry hard time with holidays.. maybe just bc it was the only time my x hus. could be a tiny bit thoughtful and thinking about how it should've been. And the couples on vacation also depress me. I want to go on that one in the UK!!!!!!!!!! Looks like fun and relaxing and a good idea!!! They know what kind of vacation you need!!! What a good idea.
Oh yeah and I completely agree with the oweing the govt money instead of me. SUpposedly something should happen within the next 30 days with the child support purging, but I won't believe it until I see it.
Still no calls back. The important people that have recieved this letter initially act like they are going to fix the problem, forward it to the next important person, who says they are going to figure it out and then, I don't hear back. It's easy to just forget all about it and continue on being the rugged individualist that I've become. I'm so ready to move on down the road!!!!!
Ok. I wrote a letter to DCF District 1 office and on a saturday, they had my food stamps turned back on. Then the operations manager from ft walton beach office contacted me on a saturday and said she would look into if I could recieve some help. Never got a call back... and that was in what... may/june???? I'm not done though. There is something called Emergency Assistance for housing... EAFH... or something... through DCF> They recieved money in July and are...
You are so right about that. If they do something wrong or illegal and a child is harmed, though, they will be in deep trouble. They wouldn't give us food stamps and I demanded them and said it was a violation of my civil rights because legally I was entitled to them. And they will not hesitate to take a child out of the home if they are hungry. I wouldn't trust my child in their care for nothing, considering their general lack of humanity. I can't even imagine what...
things are moving along. I will update soon.
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