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Bummer Bummer Bummer.. i knew it was too good to be true.. They took all my info and just sorta put it on the computer and I was like... and so what's next? And she said that they start sending letters (been done already by the state)... and then she said, "we have our ways." I thought to myself, "Oh... really. Wonderful." Thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt at first. Last I checked, he had a warrant out for his arrest. He owns a house and nice, shiny new...
I figured. he doesn't work either. But he signed a contract uncontested.
I'm a single mom who has been without a job since may. I just finished the green collar economy. This stuff is new to me, but what suggestions would you have for a field for me to go into? I have a Bachelor's degree in English, communication and I've written for np's etc...just ready for a NEW route!!!!!!
Just be careful.... I put my son through lots of fights by hanging on... police were called one night and cps asked me what I was going to do to protect my son from the arguments and when it came down to my son or my relationship.... well I served the papers on him at his domestic violence hearing the next morning.
It is a death, as someone said earlier. There's no denying it. Allow yourself to grieve and know that your children will be ok. It will be the hardest thing you've ever been through, but you will come out the other end a changed person and stronger. YOu will get weak when you see him or talk to him, it's almost like everytime I see him, even after 5 years, i take a couple steps back. My son was three at the time we split up and he has seen me sad, angry, everything. ...
What has been your experiences? I lost job in may, have been wayyyyyyyyy below the poverty line, and so I'm getting food stamps etc... now. Went to cs enforcement as part of the food stamp business and I had been putting that off for years. I expected them to treat me horribly, like food stamp people do but it felt sort of like a haven. All the sudden I realized that I have been taking on all of this burden for yeeeeears, with that do it yourself sort of attitude. All...
Oh mama. I want to tell you... it's not just you. In May, my mother basically had me fired from my job. I filed a restraining order on her bc of what happened after that and the threats she made (which had so far come true). My whole body hurt. I couldn't even peek out into the world from underneath my covers. I had no families or friends, really, to help. I had to get my ass out of bed, come to my senses enough to go to a domestic violence shelter... I was referred...
I did childcare and i love children, but truthfuully i got burned out and the pay is super horrible, but if you can stay home it would be nice or at least be at a great childcare
I divorced 4 years ago and it was difficult financially. I never thought we would go back to poverty and here we are! I can't find a job and after the whole law firm job nightmare, I just won't settle for an abusive situation. Oh yeah, and we are starving. But I know we will make it.
we single moms have to keep the faith... we have no other choice. We didn't let our partners kill our spirits... we can't.... we have babies to feed... and we can't let anyone else.
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