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I did write for a newspaper and I love to edit other people's work.... good ideas, thanks... I'm storing all of the stuff for now so that when I am able to switch career stuff it will be a smooth transaction.... keep them coming.. and thanks for the replies
yes, I've thought of that. I really don't have one particular passion. A huge reason that I work at the preschool is bc I am there full time and it is free for my son... plus I love it and the women I work with. I've thought about staying there and working part time and going to school next year.... my passion is reading books and I love to read to children, but that doesn't really pay the bills.
you will!!!!! I was so sad and guilty feeling for a while... whew!!!! I'm tired of feeling alone and poor me. I'm happy that I don't have to deal with domestic life with a man right now... just my boy and that is so much better than that horrible marriage. I'm gorgeous and have had no dates in a long while.... no prospects at all. I'm holding.... waiting forever maybe, but in the meantime, I'm going to have a great rest of my life and enjoy it.... that whole prince...
So I am a single mother and I have my ba in English and am teaching preschool right now. I know that I need to find a career where I will fully be able to support us... and of course something that I can enjoy. In other words, I want to make lots of money without spending too many more years in school.... also, his father is not allowed visitation, so I need something with somewhat good hours... any suggestions????? WHat have you all done???? I know health care is an...
what is slp??? speech therapy?
It has been a while since I have posted or even been on the internet... in the end of my marriage, it was such an escape for me from such an appalling situation. Let me just say that I am soooooooo incredibly happy for my freedom!!!! It feels great!!!! It has been almost two years and I have more money than I ever had with xh..... and he made wayyyyy more money. But I actually have control over my own money. I barely make it every month but I still feel like I live...
I miss you all!!!!! Dial up doesn't help... also, trying to lay low... still in the poolhouse, still seperated. Rough times... but I think I'm doing the right thing. I love you all!!!!! I'll try to check in every few days or so.
babybugmama... I'm such a horrible penpal!!!! your address is in MS. Well, he had a horrible time on the date (supposedly) and now he'll do anything to get me back... He has no one here... and he got sick yesterday, so he called me to help. I brought some medicine over there... He's really depressed bc he knows he screwed up. And now he's trying to put it on me. Like.. I can come back at anytime. But I'm not. He drove by our house at 1 am, drinking a beer the...
: good ideas... I smudged him yesterday but that's not good enough... voodoo doll sounds good!
I'm listening but can't write much bc I feel empty. Thanks.
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