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i feel like curling up in a ball. your words are encouraging, though.
DAR.. it's a yay bc all i can do is laugh about it now. my huband left me two days before the hurricane and I'm in the FL panhandle... it could've easily come here. and I need to find day care and a job for myself. I give up!
My husband left me two days before the hurricane... it could've easily hit here. He left town and now he has rented this really nice condominium on the beach. and he doesn't have the money for that. I thought we could be nice with each other and so I visited with son there. His refrigerator was full of like 5 different kinds of cheeses, wines, all that entertaining food. and we are living off WIC. He HAD A DATE LAST NIGHT!!!!! That was fast. I know they spent the...
There's no more gas in this town... I've heard from other friends in the Southeast that they don't have any either. How about your city? It's funny bc there are still tons of Hummers driving around everywhere. I never filled up when I heard people were waiting in line for 45 minutes. I just didn't want to join the frenzy, and I'm on empty. good thing for bikes.
I want to chat!!!!!! Dial up sux!!!!!!!
I fell in love in New Orleans... My FIL wrote an elegy for the Dream Queen that is posted on Business Week online and Architectural Record Online... everybody should read it.
strength vibes are working... going for wic and medicaid today. job interview tomorrow. MAmajama...my sis used to live in Victoria. He is MOVING HERE... probably next door... found a place for 1600 a month... meanwhile, he hasn't had a job since april. Have you ever asked yourself if your partner would put his/her life before yours? I found out the answer to that question. New Orleans is very scary. Wish they could band together like NYC did.
thanks so much... is it just me or is Mercury in retrograde once again????
well I'm living in the middle of empty vacation homes with pools... staying in poolhouse... with ds... I need a job!!! That's what I need. and love of course. Thanks charmarty for your concern and everybody else. I feel priveleged compared to these people. New Orleans culture has arrived... everyone is from New Orleans and they are so incredibly confused. I'll have to pm anybody that wants to know about the relationship situation.. I'm afraid to write much. But I...
I'm here but I'm totally traumatized. That was a very long storm and we were without power forever. I went to a restaurant... when the storm had died down and it was filled with people from New Orleans (I'm 2.5 hours over). I made a few comments that for once it hit somewhere else... bc I feel like I have been constantly evacuating. The power went on and I don't watch tv anyways.... then I slowly starting hearing about what was going on. I have missing friends there...
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