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It makes me sick. I am in the middle of vactionville 2.5 hours from NO and am surrounded by empty mansion vacation homes with pools. I'm going through major issues right now and am living by myself with ds in my mom's house. I tried talking to her about it today.
I made it through for anyone who was wondering... We lost power for 24 hours and had no clue what had happened to New Orleans... I have missing friends. I know a girl with a son who lost everything. That's all I know about her. I've had many beautiful memories in New Orleans. It functioned, but just barely. I always felt a little freer there, like anarchy. I don't even want to imagine the crimes happening tonight. The police are not fighting the people with guns...
i notified her.
he's been checking my email... that's how he got onto this thread. I changed both passwords. Sorry to involve you all in my drama. I didn't mean that to happen. You all are so right. We've been to counseling and that gave our relationship a little booster shot that didn't last very long. The past few months have been horrible with him and he's been very erratic... hasn't worked since April. Anyways, this isn't the place for me to tell you all about how bad he...
YOu know, I could edit his post, but I think i'll just let it sit there. I don't even care. What do you all think?
yep. Only thing is... his computer automatically opens... I put remember password in there. Stupid me... maybe if I change my password it will make it so he can't get in.
OK... that's him that just wrote that last post... so I guess I won't be on mdc for a while.... thanks for everyone's support. Later.
There are two sides to every story you know...I slapped him across the face and ear and he said it made his ears ring for two hours afterwards......(which was before he ripped my shorts).....hhhhhmmmmm :
Thank you all for the strength. You don't even know how much it means to me right now. I had thought the same thing... I'm evacuating from him. I feel safer in the path of the hurricane. But yes, it looks like it might go close to you to NO. I had just thought of the Western Union thing too. I think I might do that. As for me and ds.. I'm feeling very week... and he's constantly talking about daddy and what a great guy he is. I'm agreeing with him for right now.
New Posts  All Forums: