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I feel the same way. I filled voids from my family and thank goodness for it, because it was a coping mechanism. No ADHD here!!!! and I'm not a tv addict now. It was a blessing to me at the time, as sick as it sounds.
In Mississippi, his movie will MOST LIKELY not play... Blockbuster doesn't even carry the award winning Bowling For Columbine. Disgusting!!!
Where in the deep south, if you don't mind me asking????
Does he ever play with them or do "adult" music anymore??? I'm sure he'd have a big mama and papa following.
I guess that I'm not much into being in tune!!!! I like to see the human side of things... imperfections are my thing lately... but I do see what you are saying.
We have XM radio. It has like a little port boom box thingy for in the house and then you can take it in your car. We love it for the eclectic mix of music... only complaint is there's not really an indie rock station, but it is the difference between black and white tv... we are always listening to bluegrass, kids music, Frank's place, hanks place, the punk rock fungus 54 station... well all of them except for the far right station LOL!!! they even have discovery...
Night time!!!! and Rocketship beach....we've been listening to those 2 for 2 years straight.
ok, i guess i'm the odd one out bc i laughed during the whole movie.... was never interested in 1, but this one was hilarious to me
neat!!!! I wish we had a kids gardening club here
no, you just have to heat the oils up for a sec.... we have an outdoor grill with an eye on it, but I stay in the house with the door open, we have a tiny tiny doll house with the smallest kitchen ever... you can use a stick blender plugged up..
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