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The other high functioning thread has got me thinking. I have often identified more with the ideas in the 'special needs' forums or advice from SPD groups, etc than of the gentle disipline forum. My son has always been unique in our peer group. We have had many, many difficulties wioth him on many levels-clothing and food sensitivities, tantrums, and imoveable ideas about how things should be (from him-I mean, if his environment is not how he thinks he needs it, he...
Our couch was recently decorated, too From what I came to understand, many alcohol based cleaning priducts may work, but will also take off dyes and finish. So I guess it will wear off eventually. Until then, a cozy blanket is great.
I'm listening to dh's funky rock band (see sig) rehearse in the basement. I swear my kids go to sleep easier when the house is rockin'.
Thanks for the feed back, everyone! It'll be named for sure in about a week, so I'll update then.
Much appreciated advice, everyone. So true about custom=expensive. Of course, around here, some people may be more likely to want it if it is expensive, KWIM? But I will go with 'special orders welcome' Thanks!
The thing I think is unique about my products is the fact they are so full of nutrition-not your average starchy treat. They mostly freeze well and can be popped in a kids lunch. And having a gluten free dairy free sandwich makes the world of bagged lunches much easier. Most food sensitive kids I have met (and my ds) can be pretty picky and these products can fill any nutritional holes in one's diet. I am going to using grains from all over the world. By custom I...
Well, I don't have a storefront, per se, I will mostly be doing home and buying club deliveries. So no one is going to say, "Let's go eat at _____". Maybe that makes a difference, I don't know. Thanks for the feedback.
I am hoping to get some more feedback in naming my gluten free dairy free bakery. I started this thread before, but it is gone. I have a hard time with namings. It took me five months to name my son! We called him littlebird until something felt right. But with this, I can't have nothing whiile I get to know my bakery, so I have to go for it. Anyway, this was suggested before and I like it Nourish Nourish Bakery Nourish Foods I'll have a tagline, too,...
Yes, I called Ryan 'Evan' for about 4 years... I also unkowingly sang the wrong lyrics to a song I was performing-for about 2 years until I figured it out. They are kind of obscure old songs and no one corrected me even thought what I was singing was rediculous!
Hi! I am in Leadville too! There is a midwife out of Crestone that I have heard of. I could try to find the name, if you still need one... I used a midwife from Salida, but she is retired. She might know the Crestone one, though. Let me know and i can find out for you. Have you been in Leadville very long? Send me a pm, maybe we could meet up!
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