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I thought I might like to use the Ergo with the new style insert with my newborn but I find that it feels so weird when I put it on.  So, I'm using my Moby pretty much exclusively until she gets bigger.
I'm glad I found this thread.  We first tried GP FCLO in the mint flavor and that was so awful.  Cinnamon is much more palatable and the kids take it willingly.  I am scared to try another flavor.  I'm also nervous about trying the CLO/Butter Oil blend because I wonder if they will take it.  And since we are eating grass fed butter frequently, I wondered if it was worth it to buy it.  I am getting around to making ghee . . . good to know that GP butter oil is not the...
I would appreciate a mom telling me what she plans to feed my child especially if she knows that it might be something to which I would object.  It would help me trust the mom more and I think it's just polite to ask even if you are sure it would probably be fine.   
I heard Sally Fallon speaking on the Underground Wellness show and she said the same thing: heating to 170 is a very different process than commercial pasteurization and she seemed to think it was fine.  
I've got overnight disposable pads (a chlorine-free brand) that I am going to soak with witch hazel but the comfrey tea sounds good too.  I've used the witch hazel two times before and that worked so I might just stick with it. I have the After-Ease tincture from WishGarden which really helped with the postpartum cramping.  I also purchased some Arnica 200C which I will start taking in early labor and continue to after to help with the cramping also.  I also have in my...
I wouldn't say it's terrible because you're still getting the cultured food into you but I can definitely tell the difference when I make yogurt from raw milk versus when I make it from pasteurized milk.  I think you do miss out on some of the vitamins and things that have been killed off in the pasteurization process though.  But what can you do?  I don't think it's a waste of time to make the yogurt from pasteurized milk.  Maybe you could find un-homogenized organic...
  I know there are many different reasons why one would be diagnosed with IBS.  For me personally, I have been diagnosed with IBS but have no issues at all with good fat.  I do, however, have plenty of issues with raw vegetables and most grains but especially wheat.  I did notice that white rice was better than brown and regular pasta better than whole grain but I found I did better without those things completely.  I can't handle any dairy other than dairy that I have...
Yes, I *highly* recommend walks in the woods with a 2 year old.  :)  A good carrier, some water bottles and you are good to go.  LoL.  Running around after the 2 year old is par for the course.  Does he nap?  If so, I would make that time quiet time for everyone.  The older kids can do whatever they want to do so long as it's a quiet activity and you could get some down time to do something that nourishes you.  
Yet another vote for RSO.  Science instruction is definitely a weak point for me and, lo and behold, RSO makes it enjoyable for my son and for me!  
Personally, I thrive on routine.  We generally do our studies in the morning and then I make sure to have some activity for the afternoon.  A playdate or a class or a walk in the woods or just simply going to the library to sit and read.  In this way, at least for half of the day, the onus is not on me to keep them occupied.  
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