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  See, we already don't have that "swing by with food, want me to come take your kiddo to the park" type of situation b/c we're a good deal away as it is.  So I guess moving super far wouldn't really affect us on a day-to-day basis, it'd be more those every other month trips home to visit that we'd acutely feel.
Can anyone give me some insights as to what it is like to live far away from all your family, especially if there is really no reason (as in, you don't have crazy inlaws or anything of that nature)?   I've never really felt like I "fit" in Arkansas.  I can't quite put my finger on one thing, I just have different politics, no love for the heat (this summer has been worse than most), I don't eat meat, etc. etc.  To top it off, the area where we live now is 60%...
I have nothing but my story, which is not a lot of evidence!  My family has a history of really low resting heart rates and my kids have been no different.  My ds1 was born prematurely and they actually had to reset his monitor in the NICU so it wouldn't keep triggering; his heart rate just stayed right around 100 all the time.  He had a pretty low HR in the womb as well (my other two weren't as slow, but they still hung out closer to 110 than 150).
My ds3 is weaned now, but when I was pumping I pumped every 3 hours, starting 3 hours from when he last ate.  Sometimes I could get away with feeding him right before I left, pump once, and hurry home to catch him at the end of the day.  Once he started eating solids regularly and I noticed us storing more milk than we were using, I pushed it back to 4 hours.  Then I only pumped once, once he was approaching 1.  Finally, at 11.5 months, I quit pumping at work.
I feel your pain.  We had to fire our nanny (much different situation, she went crazy!) and I had DH do it.  It was a wuss move on my part, but I'm way too soft and couldn't have done it.   I'd certainly give her a great notice so she can search for a new job.  3-4 weeks would be ideal, IMO.  Maybe more, if you can afford to hold on to her for a bit more time.  And maybe a small severence?  See?  I'm way soft.
Gymboree carries a slim line.  I also found that their kid sizes (they start at size 3) are a lot leaner, in general, than their baby sizes (like a 3T).
He asked for some framed photos for his office on the next gift giving occasion that came up, so I took the boys to a field and snapped some updated pics.  I'll frame them for his desk.  He's also getting 2 of those Q&A things that my older two boys answered him (my ds2 said dh had black hair and red eyes, LOL) and a subscription for a year of Pandora.
Gah, my boys have fallen in love with the Power Rangers thanks to Netflix!  The samurai version is their favorite. :rolleyes:
If you can financially swing it, I'd get something new.  I have my three crammed in the back of my 2001 Honda Accord.  They barely fit as it is, but we made it work.  The issues that the PP talks about (no food or drinks b/c baby grabs them, touching, toy fighting, lifting baby over, car line, etc.) have been such a hassle for me.  I'm constantly leaning over to buckle or unbuckle someone, meaning that one kid is either getting smushed by me (if they are in their seat)...
I shave my legs and armpits once a week.  I'd shave my armpits more often, but I get crazy razor burn if I go less than 5 days or so apart.
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