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Tonight my little one woke up to eat at 2am to eat, and ever since I've been unable to fall back asleep! It is so unfair - I just want to get some rest since I know I won't get a chance to nap at all today, but I am so wired right now I've officially given up hope. Boo hoo....anyone else with a bit of postpartum insomnia?
Hands and knees during contractions helped turn mine this time around. Have you tried any homeopathic remedies?
How's he doing today? I hope you guys had a better night and the fever has broken....
Number three was worse for me, I could barely be in the same room as my son, and if he cried, oh my word...the pain!!! Number four has been irritating (and even painful the first few days) but not as bad overall. THANK GOODNESS!
After feeling convinced that I'd be pregnant forever, our little baby girl was born on Sunday around noon! She weighed 8lbs 15oz, and was 19" long - our biggest baby yet! For those of you despairing over high babies, no dilation, etc., I was checked on Friday because my midwife wanted me induced this week b/c of some medical issues I have. I was no where close to delivery according to all of my measurements (dilation, effacement, hadn't dropped, etc.) So, my DH and...
I have one that I made a few years ago that I love. I generally only wear it when baking/cooking because I'm so messy in the kitchen. It has saved me many times over! The only time I wear it out of the house is if I'm running out to get the mail and forget it's on.
The difference for me is that: BH contractions are just a tightening of my tummy - they can sometimes take my breath away False Labor Contractions are like menstrual cramps Real Contractions reach all around my stomach to my back - it's more of a whole body experience. You definitely can't talk or walk through them. Additionally, my real ones in the past happen at regular intervals and last about a minute, whereas the other two types are random in timing and length.
Congratulations on your new one! I hope you recover quickly!
We've never had rules with our other three, so probably not for this one either. But then again, it seems like our families and friends have been fairly respectful of our time at home too. I've never even made people wash their hands when visiting....I guess if this flu thing takes off this fall I might feel more protective...but so far so good....
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