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Oh no, I'm so sorry. I've been checking your profile every day to see if you'd updated with any news. Much love to you.
My Dad is intact, and so is my brother, so I think my parents would have disowned me if I'd even considered cutting the boys. The inlaws are another story. DH is circumcised and they'd still do it if they had another chance. They stay silent about the boys though, because they know they'll get hours of lectures from DH and I if they bring it up.
Absolutely ridiculous.
I had to giggle that you said you've "only" thrown up 3 times in November. I've only thrown up 3 times in the past 20 years!
What a beautiful post, Gloria! And congrats on becoming a senior member . As you can see, I *still* haven't picked a name.
I'm so sorry - days like that are so overwhelming. Hugs.
BSD, nobody is insisting it's natural. A lot of people here at MDC do things which aren't natural. As discussed in a thread I started recently - is it more important to stick to NFL ideals, or be truly happy even if it means doing something which you'd usually shun? Some mothers choose to use a stroller after weighing both sides, even though it's not natural, because they have a bad back which is made worse by slinging. Some mothers choose to use disposable...
Tan, lavender or blue? I started out with tan, but didn't like it, so switched to lavender. After about 6 months I tried blue for 24 hours, but switched back to lavender. I like this one How about you?
Quote: Originally Posted by mama2toomany Yes you are!!! I feel all warm and fuzzy when i get positively quoted lol Definitely!!
I had never seen a child's circumcised penis until a few months ago.
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