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Shamelessly bumping because I'm desperate for some ideas!
Yet another vote for milling stone. Victorian ... I just assumed your name is Victoria and your surname starts with N. Puppyfluffer ... I think of puppies fluffing (my kids use the word 'fluff' for 'fart'). Gossamer makes me think of fine thread/floss. Xenabyte makes me think of Xena bars (type of granola bar). Yonit ... I think "y' on it" (you're on it). Ambrose, I think of my Grandfather or ambrosia. Littleteapot ... the nursery rhyme, of...
Just one of those days
Quote: Originally Posted by 2Sweeties1Angel I have relatives who were pretty high ranking in Hitler's army My great-aunts found out when they were doing our family tree and started receiving death threats when they got to the German relatives. My gosh, that would have been so frightening for them
Quote: Originally Posted by ian'smommaya thanks for moderating this ms. mom. perhaps we could move away from inuendo and could move forward with a positive and helpful thread from here on. I agree. That's what I was trying to do, by giving suggestions I hoped people could work with to move forward. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? I agree that we do need a definition of racism, but can the actual debate about the definition...
You could also argue that the Earth has no purpose without humans. The animals can't appreciate it the way we do. If we weren't around what would the earth be doing? If the Earth is our mother, she would be lonely without us. Pity we're like screaming, tantruming toddlers who have to have it all, do it all, wear the mother out with demands and high needs etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by stirringleaf maybe the baby will grow up to be a telemarketer, and hence deserves it. You are *really* grasping at straws here.
I've been tested, haven't had anything show up, and have been with both intact and circumcised. DH was a virgin when we met, but I refused to have sex with him until his tests came back clean - he'd shared needles previously. So being a virgin doesn't automatically mean your partner is safe.
My mother did it twice ... she said it's less painful than head first (bums are squishy, heads are made of bone).
Enormous hugs to you, Amy.
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