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Quote: Originally Posted by Samjm I think some of it might be because the US isn't #1 in the World in Soccer. Americans don't like to lose. The most popular sports are ones that are basically all local. It is cities playing against cities, not countries. Americans don't like to think they're not the best at something. The whole "low-scoring" argument is rubbish too. Average baseball game - 3 hours - how many runs? 10? Average Football game -...
Nope. His Indigenous looks are much different to my European characteristics. Plus I have WAY more back hair.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaTaraX not a UCer but a homebirther w/hands off midwife Baby is 4.5 mos (5 mos this week) and still yet to be named. p.s. I'm a UCer at heart and if all goes well, our next one will be UP/UC! Namaste, Tara I was wondering if any of the suggestions from that other post 'hit the spot' but I didn't want to ask because there's no way I wanted you think you were being pressured. A friend took 5 weeks to name...
Nah. We've got a saying at our house: the whiter your bread, the quicker you're dead.
Very funny stuff! I wonder if he's embellishing a little though. Who cares - it's funny and it's obviously generating a lot of interest in his auctions!
You're not crazy, but if you were I'd be in your boat!
Sending thoughts and hugs to both of you.
Cleaning up vomit. Hands down.
The Celebrity Baby Blog is already posting articles about Angelina's next baby. Good grief ... let the lochia subside before you start with the speculation! Quote: According to US Weekly, Angelina Jolie, who gained a very modest 25 pounds while pregnant with baby Shiloh, is already planning to adopt again. "They say they definitely plan on adding to their family, but they're likely to adopt the next time around," says US Weekly's Katrina Szish. And guess...
I couldn't believe how close Brazil vs Croatia was!
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