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Many thanks! The cabbage leaf immediately removed the discomfort, and a week on, things have settled down considerably.  
My dd has just turned six, a week or so ago she stopped breastfeeding of her own accord - it had been just a little feed at night before sleep for over a year at that point. My problem is that my left breast is bursting with milk and it's really uncomfortable. I am surprised as I imagined there was hardly any milk left, I couldn't feel it anymore when she nursed. But over this week it has really built up. What can I do?!
I have about six left thumbs and cannot do anything practical. I also have had a certain feeling of...I dunno... a difference between me and the 'crafty' people I know. Something to do with them being earthy and me being abstract. In theory, I would love to be earthy
[QUOTE=milkmommie;12134606]I'm so so sorry. And say everything there is to say with your Mom. Have picnics together, get into bed and snuggle with her, read to her, watch your favorite movies together, ask her all about her pregnancies and your childhood, love her. /QUOTE] My mother died of cancer in April. I am crying reading these words - I would do anything to be able to do this some more.... Just be present together. Much warmth love and strength to your...
Quote: Originally Posted by monkey's mom The vast, vast majority of the time we don't have to do anything. No one has to work. We choose it b/c we want the money or for some other reason. Lots of people choose not to work. Lots of people choose to make do without money. Or figure out other arrangements. Shifting away from *having* to do things, to *choosing* to do things can be a very freeing journey, in my experience. I'm not the victim I once thought I...
Thanks Muse for the reminder about toning. I did some of that years ago and then forgot about it. I have been doing a bit just intuitively recently, along with shaking the tension out of various parts of my body. It works best in the middle of the woods! I have found it hard to process my mother's death in words (unusual for me) and have found the physical things really help.
Nope. I saw the thread title and ran in here like a shot!
[QUOTE=muse;11689757]I think in general it bothers me to see that at work I can practice great patientce and compassion with every child I meet and yet that can go out the window pretty quickly in a tired or cranky moment at home I also get the feeling my oldest (ds, 6 yrs, a VERY sensitive child) picks up on this and can be very jealous of the kids I work with, even though I talk very little about it. I manage this a couple of times a week (biking, hiking , swimming...
Quote: Originally Posted by LisamommyRN I still do this transition conciously. On particularly difficult days I might even walk down the street blowing raspberries to get rid of the tension of one role to enter the other. (I hold tension in my jaw, I guess.) This is fantastic!!! Great idea!
First of all hello Muse nice to see you and be back here! Part of my work-life balance has included coming nowhere near mothering.com for a long time now I am a person centred counsellor/therapist. (I write and translate too but that's another couple of stories). I now have a private practice and work two afternoons a week and have six clients, and that's the max. I have childcare for my two year old for three hours every weekday and I more or less fit into that box....
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