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No advice, just sympathy. I have a fourteen year old son that does the same thing.:
She's wasn't really interested in finding info to back her claim, but I didn't believe her anyways. I should have asked why she was so worried about it since I never mentioned anything to her about how I planned to nurse my baby.I must emit hippy vibes or something I have a whole stack of printouts waiting for her though.
When I asked her where she heard that breastmilk was just like water, she said that's what she was always told, so that's all she had to back up her statement. As far as spanking goes, I used the argument that if I hit him(dh) I could be arrested so why then is it ok to hit a little kid? I was going to use the same argument for the neighbor if she ever brings it up again.
Thanks for the replies and I'm going to print out that page. The neighbor was telling me that by one year breastmilk was just like water and she keeps bringing up the subject. I knew I heard differently somewhere but it's been awhile. Now I'll be off to gentle discipline to find something to print off about spanking. Both my husband and the neighbor were telling me about the benefits of spanking, which I'm against.
I have a neighbor that is insisting that there is no value in breastfeeding past age one. I also have a family ( that live far away, thankfully) that believes nursing is gross to begin with, but that nursing past age one is plain discusting and abusive. My baby is only 5 months old now so it's not a problem yet, but I'd like to hear some reasons why nursing past babyhood is beneficial. btw, this is baby number two, my first is much older and he nursed until 13 months, but...
Thanks for the replies. I've put them in bags for now and I'll deal with them another day. I don't have much money to use to get them clean but some of them are so cute that I'll try a little longer. How much is the Sol-U-Mel? I have about 3 loads of these clothes. The other day when I took a load of these clothes out my baby started rubbing his eyes and then they started watering and I could still smell that wierd odor, but no one else notices it. If they don't come clean...
I've ran them through the washer a few times with just hot water, thinking maybe it was detergent build up, but that didn't seem to do much. There was nothing on the outside of the barrel that said what had been in there and there were no markings indicating that it was anything dangerous. The closest that I can think of to descibe the feel and smell is a combination of chlorine and that pink fiberglass insulation.
I need some advice. I received a bunch of children's clothing that a friend had in storage for years. Some of them are in really good shape and are nice clothes, the problem is that they have some kind of residue on them. They were stored in some large drums that usually have some kind of liquid in them, but my friend wasn't sure what it was. She said she power washed them with soap and water so she didn't think that was the problem, but I'm thinking it probably is. I'm...
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