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Quote: Originally Posted by Maluhia Vita Clay The Vita Clay looks great but so small. I have a 6 quart Hamilton Beach (that I am reconsidering due to lead concerns) and that's barely enough room for making bone broth...8 cups just wouldn't do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by tree-hugger Find a glass bowl that can withstand hot temperatures (such as pyrex) that is a bit smaller than the bowl of the cooker. Put your food in the glass bowl. Fill the slow cooker with water so that the water comes just below the top of your glass bowl. Your food will never come into contact with the slow cooker. Not to be a buzz kill here but google "exploding Pyrex" and you can check it on Snopes. A bit...
Mine weaned slowly at age 6 after two pregnancies. I was nursing three (including her) when she stopped so I had not been doing unlimited nursing--I would often ask her to wait. At the end she'd ask every few days.
I like t-shirts with bare legs in summer, long-sleeved shirts with pants or EC pants in winter. I got a million onesies as hand-me downs and never used them...too much work to change the baby's every time we woopsed! FWIW I really do not like EC leggings. They seemed way too tight around the top, even with my not very chunky baby. She didn't seem to mind them but I didn't like the marks they made at all.
Dd1 has cavities that we are treating with MI Paste Plus at night, twice daily brushing, xylitol, CLO and HVBO as well as as much of a TF diet as we can (she tends towards vegetarian preferences). I was mostly vegan with some dairy while pregnant with her. No thrush, etc. Dd2 had demineralization on front teeth that we reversed by diligent brushing. I was vegetarian during pregnancy with her and switched to a TF diet when she was about a year old. Dd3 had funky teeth...
I have a 2 year old who's been EC'd since birth and now prefers to pee on the floor often. She gets to the wood floor, hikes her clothes and pees. She has periodically gone through phases like this. Dh calls it "EO" (elimination observation) rather than "EC" at these points. Try to brainstorm fun pottying ideas (dd will sometimes pee in the toilet if I race her to the bathroom or other fun stuff) hang loose with it and follow his lead if possible and it probably will...
I like EC Store Favorite EC Pants for waterproof ones (in the house with a wee one I prefer the non-waterproof kinds). Very easy to get on and off. I also like a prefold with a prefold belt for a newborn around the house.
Try http://www.greenpasture.org/retail/?...display&i=1104 also check out this link for ideas: http://www.cookingtf.com/children.html I've also heard of hiding it in chocolate sauce. We like maple syrup with it around here. And my youngest two like Quantum http://www.radiantlifecatalog.com/pr...ds-supplements IMO not as good as the Blue Ice brand but no synthetics in it so pretty good. Keep experimenting!
All three of my girls love them, dh thinks they're yucky but can eat them, I can't even think of putting them in my mouth.
I read once on a blog that you can often get a popcorn kernel out of a nose by hold the other (non-plugged) nostril shut then asking the child to close her mouth and blow through her nose as hard as she can. It worked for the blogger...hopefully for you too! If she seems ok though I'd be inclined to think she is ok. Sorry...these things can be SUCH a stress. My dh's wedding ring went missing for a week and my dd (very young at the time) said that yes, she swallowed...
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