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This does sound like a bad situation and I very much feel for you and your son. It seems that you and your son have good communication or at least established communication. But what about you and your EX? Do you tell your son to put him on the phone so you two can talk it through when your DS asks to come home for example? It seems like the EX needs to be a part of this conversation. While I do certainly sympathize with not wanting to communicate with someone with your...
  I've noticed that when minutes are taken, often the recorder will list who attended and who didn't with "excused" after your name when all that means is the person notified you in advance they would not be there.   
I required supervised visitation when I divorced my exH who was an alcoholic. I named his parents and his siblings as possible supervisors. No over nights unless he completed a recovery program and could provide himself sober. I have acted as the supervisor and I allowed my own sister to be the supervisor once. But you do not want to end up the sole supervisor.   To answer your question, it is from my experience that YOU and your attorney provide the names of the...
  I think the only thing to do is give it time.
I'd say no to him due to the tenants in the house. Your daughter doesn't know them the way his son who lives there does. Instead I'd tell him that DD can "learn to love him" by playing in the park together.  
Getting a large popcorn at the movies.  
Since you agreeable to 50/50 custody, I'd suggest splitting the week in half rather than alternating weeks. Then your ex would have the onus of finding childcare for only half a week. The kids would also benefit by only being in care for half a week. A routine would be established where they do one thing with you and one with him. That would be easier to get used to than alternating weeks. Just my opinion.
I agree Crunchy_mommy.  
Wait to introduce the toddler daughter until you have decided if you are going to stay or divorce your H. If you think you will divorce, I'd wait until after the divorce was finalized. Then you'd have a date in mind where you would tell them and you could work on strategies and continue to work through some of your own feelings.  
Hello Love,   Have you gotten any counseling for yourself? Perhaps discuss/explore with a counselor what you want out of your relationship with your children's father. Or how you could imagine a life without him as a partner to you but a father to the kids. What would that looks like?  
New Posts  All Forums: