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Okay, I'm a Lisa Marie, too, and 36. But I was born BEFORE Elvis had his daughter. There were always several Lisa's in school; even another Lisa Marie in highschool. What was up with our parents?
Well, where I'm from, it is sometimes seen as overboard or tacky to have a second baby shower (or third, or fourth). That said, you aren't giving yourself a shower, your mom's friend is. Obviously there are some who want to make this a special time for you, and also help out by giving you baby items. In this case, I might not invite the extended relatives as this is a second shower. Perhaps keeping it intimate, including only those who are really excited about the...
Go to the library and check out a book titled _Dress Your House for Success : 5 Fast, Easy Steps to Selling Your House, Apartment, or Condo for the Highest Possible Price_. It has great suggestions for staging your home to appeal to the most people. I haven't sold a house using these methods yet, but we are planning on putting ours on the market within the year. I'm using the book as a guideline as we cosmetically update our house. Good luck!
Ha! You guys have it lucky! Not only do I have to say "I'm getting up to pee, Ill be right back"; I also get to say "I'm taking Henry (puppy) out to pee, I'll be right back." And last night, DS had to get up to pee with me (he did have to go himself). And I always heard two was the "awful" age! Not sure how I'm going to handle two. -Lisa , 7wks
My 3 year old DS does that, too! Usually it's when he's watching TV (about 1 hr daily), but he doesn't do it all the time. Sometimes I'll catch him holding himself through his shorts, and I'll ask him if he needs to go potty! I don't think it's any big deal; but he doesn't do it out in public, either. I suppose if it starts to become a problem, I would begin asking him to do it in private. Not sure what would qualify as a problem - maybe pulling it out in front of...
I read a thread from a few weeks back, talking about how many of you are already wearing maternity clothes although only a month or two along. Well, let me join the club! My last pregnancy I didn't splurge on many clothes (SAHM), and completely wore out what I did buy. So, here I am, with nothing to wear. Add to that the fact that I still have the weight from my first pregnancy; and well, I'm at a loss as to what to do. I've made the commitment to eat extremely...
Dawn, this is why we're looking at Asheville. For some reason, Jon and I are reluctant to leave NC, so Asheville keeps popping up for us. I wouldn't mind looking into Wisconsin, but DH is yankee-phobic! (I consider WI as midwestern myself.) Anything north of the Mason-Dixon line makes him nervous! :LOL FWIW, drove over to Wellsprings this morning, and I feel your pain!!! Hope you get some good ideas! Lisa
I've begun checking out homeshool groups in my area open to preschoolers. I have found a couple, one we attended last week. I love that it was age inclusive (up to preteen). The children, boys and girls, all played well together; and the older ones looked after the little ones. It was great! We're attending a field trip next week with the preschool homeschool group. I'm sure we'll like that one as well, but for different reasons, yk? My thinking was to get DS...
You might want to check out Jerry's Artarama on the web. I actually live where they have a store, so was able to check them out in person. Anyway, I got a child's easel (one side chalkboard, the other dry erase) on sale for $35.00. Each side has a tray at the bottom for supplies, and the easel folds up for storage. I get the best deals on art supplies here.
Hey Rubelin! How would I keep an eye on my ketones? How would this affect the baby? I'm planning on sticking with a whole foods diet - lots of fresh veggies and fruit, minimal dairy, and more protein than the last pregnancy. I don't want to eliminate carbs, just limit my intake of the processed ones! Thank you all for the info. I feel much better about not gaining another 60 lbs. on top of what I already need to lose! -Lisa
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